Library Survey

This survey is intended to help the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners gather information about current resources which make the library and its collections and services available to people with disabilities. This information is made available on the MBLC Web Site. It enables library staff to refer patrons to libraries where they will find appropriate assistive technology to meet their needs. It will also help us better understand where there are gaps in service and equipment and allow us to target areas of the state which are underserved.

Please complete this form and submit. There are a number of detailed questions. You might want to print off a blank copy of the form, go off and gather the data, then return to to complete the survey online.
Please note: We cannot save a partially-completed survey.

Alternatively, you may submit the completed form to:

Shelley Quezada
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Board of Library Commissioners
98 North Washington St., Suite 401
Boston, MA 02114

Step 1: Find Your Library

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Page last updated on 07/2/2015