Firefox Search Engine Plugin

Integrate the Massachusetts Library Directory keyword search into your Netscape (version 7 or higher) or Firefox browser by adding a search plugin. You will then be able to quickly search for a Massachusetts library using the selectable Search Engine box in the upper-right-hand corner of your Firefox/Netscape browser. In order to add this search engine, javascript must be enabled.

Simply click on this link: Massachusetts Library Directory Search Plugin for Firefox & Netscape

If you use Firefox or Netscape (version 7 or higher) as your Web browser, you can add this MBLC custom search to the search engines on your toolbar.


To uninstall a custom search engine, simply select "Manage Search Engines…" from the Search  Bar, select "Mass. Libraries" and click "Remove". If you have Firefox version 1.x , follow the instructions given at MozillaZine. You must delete the files from your Firefox "Profiles directory."

To uninstall standard search engines from Firefox, first install the SearchEnginesHack Plugin from Firefox Add-Ons or Windows Search Plugin Manager, which is a separate Windows executable. You will then be able to right-click on the Search Engine you want to remove and delete it.

For more general information about Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla plugins, visit

Page last updated on 07/20/2015