Policy on Sponsorships and Partnerships

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners encourages sponsorship and partnership agreements that increase the level of service available to Massachusetts residents, offer new resources that may not be offered otherwise, and support awareness of libraries and library services.



Sponsorships and partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial exchanges whereby the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) and/or the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) receive funds, products, or in-kind services from a sponsor or partner. The sponsor in turn benefits from community recognition and affiliation with libraries throughout the state. In general, sponsorships and partnerships are ongoing rather than one-time. Grants for which the MBLC or MLS may apply to receive funding for a specific project(s), or gifts for which the giver requests a simple acknowledgement, are not covered by these guidelines.


All agreements must be in writing, and must be approved by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Once the Board has approved a sponsorship agreement with a partner organization, it is assumed that future sponsorship agreements with that organization are approved. The Board may revoke its approval at any time.


Sponsors will be provided with a level of recognition commensurate with their contribution. These levels will be clearly defined in writing within the sponsorship agreement. In all cases, the recognition required by the sponsor will be weighed against the benefit to the MBLC, the MLS, and their member libraries.

Recognition may include (but is not limited to) the following:

We retain sole control of the content of our websites and other promotional materials. If MBLC or MLS agrees to display a sponsor's name or logo in our promotional materials, we will decide the placement of the name or logo and it will not take precedence or have prominence over our names or logos.

Recognition will promote the sponsor's corporate name and will not include reference to any specific product; nor will MBLC or MLS endorse any product or service of its corporate sponsors.


Sponsors will agree to display MBLC and MLS logos according to our logo standards.

Neither the name nor logo of MBLC or MLS may be used as part of any official endorsement of a sponsor's product or company.

MBLC and MLS will maintain complete control over the member database and mailing list. Addresses of member libraries may be found on the MBLC website.

Purchasing decisions on collections, materials, or other items will be made by MBLC and/or MLS, unless otherwise specified by the sponsorship agreement.

Sponsorship agreements will not limit the ability of MBLC or MLS to enter into other agreements with similar organizations.

Initial Policy Approval Date: October 2, 2008
Latest Policy Approval Date: July 9, 2015
Policy Expiration Date: July 9, 2020

Page last updated on 02/17/2016