Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2001 : Table of Contents

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners supports, improves and promotes library services throughout the Commonwealth. The Board also strives to provide every resident of the Commonwealth with full and equal access to library information resources regardless of their geographic location, social or economic status, age level of physical or intellectual ability, or cultural background.

The goals of the Board are to:

  • maintain and strengthen the Commonwealth's free public libraries,

  • to provide statewide and reginal programs for the improvement of library services provided by libraries of all types,

  • to support resource sharing and the utilization of electronic information technology by librareis and

  • provide specialized library services to blind and physically handicapped residents.

The Board was established in 1890 under Chapter 78 of the Massachusetts General Laws. It consistgs of nine commissioners appointed by tghe Governor. A Director, appointed by the Board, is responsible for administration of agency programs and services.

Table of Contents

Chairman of the Board's Message
Director's Message
Highlights of Fiscal Year 2001
I. Programs & Services
1. State Aid to Public Libraries
2. Library Technology/Massachusetts Library &Information Network
MLIN Usage
Virtual Catalog Project
3. Regional Library Systems & Library of Last Recourse
Boston Region
Central Region
Metrowest Region
Northeast Region
Southeastern Region
Western Region
Library of Last Recourse
4. Statewide Services to Libraries & Library Users
Statewide Reference & Referral Center
Consumer Health, Legal and Business Information
Access to Licensed Databases
Statewide Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Net Lender Offset Program
Journal Article Document Delivery
Statewide Delivery
5. Public Library Construction
Grants and Awards for Construction
Grant Application Rounds
6. Library Services for the Blind & Physically Handicapped
Braille and Talking Book Library - Watertown
Talking Book Library - Worcester Public Library
7. Public Library Advisory & Technical Assistance
8. Library Reference/Research Services
9. Data Analysis & Coordination
10. Certification of Library Personnel
11. Continuing Education & Training
Data Analysis
Library Technology
State Aid
Trustee Symposium
12. Library Services & Technology Act Federal Program
Business and Career Resources Mini-Grant Program
13. Preservation & Emergency Assistance Program
14. Library-Based Literacy
15. Communications & Public Relations
16. Financial Statement for State Fiscal Year 2001
17. Board Staff
18. Committees & Task Forces
19. Board Publications
20. Credits
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