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Digital Lockout and more

With input from the library community and residents, the MBLC has created the 2015 Legislative Agenda. The MBLC uses the Legislative Agenda to help state officials understand the needs of the libraries and the residents they serve.  To request copies please email Celeste Bruno

FY2015 Legislative Agenda Online: The MBLC creates an online version that is easier to email or share through social media. It also has information that the print version does not including an interactive Google map that demonstrates resident support and an easy way that residents can enter their information to be included. It also provides information about statewide library initiatives that affect school libraries, the Massachusetts Center for the Book, Public Library Construction, and municipal records.

Bestseller Chart  The Feb. 2014 eBook Price Comparison of Amazon's Top Bestsellers--Comparing Consumer and Library Price. (Courtesy of Douglas County Libraries)

Digital Lockout Infographic Poster: Information about eBooks and Technology in libraries.

eBook/Technology Support Cards: These cards are used to populate the Google map in the online FY2015 Legislative Agenda. Residents may fill them out with their first name, zip code, city or town, and any comments they may have. Libraries can send them to Celeste Bruno at the MBLC for inclusion on the map.

Online way to show support: This quick form is the online way that residents can show their support for MBLC's efforts. Residents enter their first name, zip code, and city or town and any comments they may have. The MBLC uses the data to populate the Google map included in the online FY2015 Legislative Agenda.

Digital Lockout logo and text (color): The FY2015 Legislative Agenda logo and text that explains the Digital Lockout for use in creating your own flyers.

Digital Lockout logo (color): the logo for for the FY2015 Legislative Agenda for use in creating your own flyers.

MBLC Budget History: Provides budget information about the MBLC's six account lines from 2001 to present.

We all need libraries! video: See how libraries stack up against  Massachusetts championship sports teams. Share the link on your library's Facebook page/website.

Cooperative Library Services graphic: The "wheel" that shows how the library community works together to provide services to residents. 

State Aid public library statistics

Libraries are busy places: selection of photos (40) from libraries across the Commonwealth.

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