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The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners has launched new web based tools for outreach, education and information. These tools are not intended to replace the channels currently in place for press and constituent communication. Press inquiries should be directed to Celeste Bruno 617-725-1860 X208 Questions or complaints regarding agency services should also be directed to Celeste Bruno.

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Please note, that Records Retention Law of the Commonwealth requires the MBLC to preserve records created or received by a state employee. Pursuant to this retention requirement, comments posted or messages received via an official state agency page on a third-party web-site (such as an official agency profile on a social network) will be treated as state governmental records and may be permanently archived.

Information that you submit voluntarily through social media sites associated with this agency where such information is publicly available, including your name, city or town, and the substance of anything that you post may be disseminated further by being posted online at this website or be publicly discussed by a member of the administration.

State Aid to Public Libraries Blog:

The State Aid Blog: is an official blog of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The blog provides information and discussion about the State Aid to Public Libraries program and public library data collection. The intended audience for this blog is public library directors. Please review the State Aid Blog at

Please note that this blog is hosted by the MBLC and is governed by the agency's Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Comment Policy [Disclaimer]. These policies apply to your use of the State Aid Blog. For questions, please contact Celeste Bruno at 617-725-1860 X208 or

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MBLC Policy approval date: April 7, 2011
ITD approval date: September 22, 2011
Policy Expiration date: April 7, 2016

Page last updated on 05/26/2016