COSTEP MA Committees

COSTEP MA activities are exercised by the following committees, as outlined by the COSTEP MA By-Laws.   

  • Executive Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Training and Education Committee
  • Community Programs Committee

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The Executive Committee will be led by two co-chairs and a secretary. In addition, the Committee shall be composed of one representative each from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Massachusetts Archives, the New England Museum Association, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the Northeast Document Conservation Centerand a municipality, each of whom shall be selected by their respective organizations; three elected members-at-large; and the three other standing committee chairpersons. The Executive Committee will determine goals and duties of the other committees.

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The Outreach Committee is responsible for expanding the visibility of COSTEP MA, advocating for its prime initiatives, and implementing its mission.

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The Training and Education Committee is responsible for development and implementation of appropriate information, training, exercises, and/or educational opportunities for the cultural heritage community in the Commonwealth. This committee also promotes COSTEP MA knowledge of and participation in statewide, regional, and/or national training and educational endeavors related to cultural heritage emergency and disaster activity.

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The Community Programs Committee is responsible for promoting and facilitating communication, cooperation, and collaboration between the cultural heritage and the emergency management communities in specifically identified municipalities.

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