COSTEP MA Outreach

Lakeville Public Library

Courtesy Lakeville Public Library/Olivia Melo

COSTEP MA provides guidance to institutions and organizations on how they can best prepare for emergencies. COSTEP MA can help establish support networks within your town or city and can help integrate cultural resources into the larger community-wide emergency management plan. If an emergency or disaster extends beyond what a single member can handle, that support network is key to your organization’s recovery. 

COSTEP MA can facilitate meetings within your community to provide information on disaster planning and establishing networks of support within your town or city. For more information, click here. COSTEP MA also offers periodic training sessions on a variety of topics. Information about upcoming sessions can be found here.

Your public library can serve as a hub of information during an emergency. Libraries have been known to serve as distribution points, shelters, and emergency operation centers. In Massachusetts, the focus has been on developing a network of libraries that can serve as Disaster Recovery Centers following a disaster to provide assistance to individuals affected by the disaster. For more information, click here.