Conference Committee Releases FY 2016 Budget Released


July 08, 2015
Celeste Bruno
Communications Specialist
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The State Budget Conference Committee released their FY 2016 budget compromise on July 8, 2015. Technology and Resource Sharing (7000-9506) received a major reduction of $600,000. This is in addition to a reduction of $52,674 as a result of two 9C cuts that the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) sustained midyear.

"Walk into a library and you'll see every computer with a person at it, people with their laptops using the library's Wi-Fi - even sitting in their cars in the library's parking lot after hours just to get access to reliable Wi-Fi," said MBLC Director Dianne Carty. "Residents depend on technology in their libraries to do job searches and fill out applications, complete government forms, do school projects, and to connect with the world. This reduction severely hampers libraries' ability to provide vital services that level the playing field for all of our residents in this digital age."

Technology and Resource Sharing (7000-9506) was one of two priorities the library community established in the FY 2016 Legislative Agenda. State Aid to Public Libraries (7000-9501), the other priority, was funded at the FY 2015 level of $9,000,000. This amount restores funding that was lost in the when the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners sustained two rounds of 9C cuts totaling 1.93% across all of its budget lines.

The only major increase in funding was to the Massachusetts Center for the Book, which was increased by 60%.

The complete FY 2016 state budget for libraries is below.

Governor Charlie Baker has ten days to review the committee's compromise budget and either approve it or veto parts of it. These vetoes may be overridden by a two-thirds majority roll call vote in both chambers of the legislature.

Established in 1890, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners was the first state library commission in the United States. MBLC services include public library construction, preservation and disaster prevention, electronic resources, statewide resource sharing, and state and federal grants.

The MBLC funds the Massachusetts Library System, the Library for the Commonwealth at Boston Public Library, Perkins Talking Book Library, the Talking Book Library at Worcester Public Library, the Massachusetts Center for the Book, and partially supports the nine automated library networks.

Line Item No.

Line Item


FY 2015
(before 9C cuts)

FY 2015
(after 9C cuts)

FY 2016 Conference Committee

7000-9101 Board of Library Commissioners $1,229,472
(FY 2001)
$1,120,047 $1,077,431 $1,077,431
7000-9401 State Aid to Regional Libraries $17,623,954
(FY 2002)
$9,883,482 $9,692,731 $9,938,482
7000-9402 Talking Book Library (Worcester) $446,828
(FY 2015)
$446,828 $438,205 $446,828
7000-9406 Talking Book & Machine Lending (Perkins) $2,516,693
(FY 2015)
$2,516,693 $2,468,121 $2,516,693
7000-9501 State Aid to Public Libraries $9,989,844 (FY 2009) $9,000,000 $8,847,300 $9,029,000
7000-9506 Library Technology & Resource Sharing $4,420,235
(FY 2001)
$2,729,238 $2,676,564 $2,116,564
7000-9508 MA Center for the Book $125,000 (FY 2015) $125,000 $122,587 $200,000

About MBLC

The Board of Library Commissioners ( is the agency of state government with the statutory authority and responsibility to organize, develop, coordinate and improve library services throughout the Commonwealth. The Board advises municipalities and library trustees on the operation and maintenance of public libraries, including construction and renovation. It administers state and federal grant programs for libraries and promotes cooperation among all types of libraries through regional library systems and automated resource sharing. It also works to ensure that all residents of the Commonwealth, regardless of their geographic location, social or economic status, age, level of physical or intellectual ability or cultural background, have access to essential new electronic information technologies and significant electronic databases.