T-Mobile Filtering

What is the MBLC Program Requirement?

MBLC hotspots must be filtered by default. Patrons wishing unfiltered access may simply ask for an unfiltered hotspot. However, patrons should not be given unfiltered hotspots unless they actually request unfiltered access.

Libraries may set aside a portion of their hotspots on which filtering has already been disabled to facilitate the circulation transaction for patrons requesting unfiltered access.

To borrow hotspots patrons must be 17 years or older. Libraries may adjust the minimum age to 18 if that better matches their current circulation policies.

Update on New Library Filter (10/15/2021)

T-Mobile will roll out a new filtering option designed for libraries within the next few weeks. The filter will be much more relaxed than the general EDU filter currently in place.  It will also allow for standard streaming media such as Netflix and Hulu.

When the new option becomes available, MBLC plans to automatically switch any hotspot that has filtering enabled over.  Libraries need take no action and there will be no interruption in connectivity. We will provide more details as they become available.

What is Currently Being Filtered?


T-Mobile has provided a list of filtering categories. When a proscribed web page is reached, the screen will show a warning.


Librarians may want to do some searching on their own to see how filtering operates and what is blocked.


How to Enable and Disable T-Mobile Filters

Changing a hotspot's filtering status can be done via the T-Mobile dashboard, or by phone or email to T-Mobile. This  cannot be accomplished through the Pintrac MDM.

By Email or Phone

The simplest way to enable or disable a filter is via email or phone to T-Mobile — especially when changing the filtering status of multiple devices at once.

Giselle Torres is our support contact. Send an email to  giselle.torres@t-mobilesupport.com or call: 423-497-1793.  Provide the MBLC Account number, or BAN, the type of change (add / remove), and the phone numbers for each hotspot.


Please remove the EDU content filtering on BAN:  973977587 (the MBLC account)
 For lines:

Through the T-Mobile Dashboad

This video will walk you through the process of adding (or removing) the T-Mobile content filter.  You cannot use this method for bulk changes, only for one hotspot at a time.


(The portal can be slow, so give it a chance at each step to respond.)

  1. Log into the T-Mobile Portal.  
  2. Select Subscriber Management.
  3. Click  the checkbox  to the left of the  Mobile Number (the hotspot) that you want to change . You are not able to change hotspots in a batch.
  4. Under More Actions, select Feature Change.
    - Make sure you have the right Phone Number
  5. You will only change three things on the Feature Change screen:

    1. Request Type: Select either Add or Change (to enable)  or Remove (to disable)
    2. Anticipated Date of Change: 08/06/2021 (usually today)
    3. CONTENT BLOCKING: $1.00 Magenta-Business EDU Filtering $1 Sub
      - There is no charge to the library.
  6. Click Submit
  7. On the Confirmation Screen click Continue
  8. You should see "Your change was sucessfully submitted. Would you like to proceed to checkout?
    Click Yes.
  9. You will see the T-Mobile Terms and Conditions. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, check the box and click Accept.
  10. On the Checkout screen, review your changes, scroll down and click Checkout
  11. The final screen will show you your Order Number. Click Continue.

You will receive an email confirmation from T Mobile Orders, with the order number and a link to the detailed order.

Picture of filtering feature change order receipt showing type of change and date of change

For More Information

Hotspot Program Questions:

Paul Kissman, Library Information Systems Specialist
617-725-1860 x238
857-488-6845 (Mobile)

Hotspot Promotional Materials:

Matthew S. Perry, Communications Specialist
617-725-1860 x240
857-488-7004 (Mobile)

Registration, Login, and Support Contacts:

T-Mobile (MS Word)

Pintrac MDM (PDF)