2005 Data Files

The files listed below were compiled from the Financial Report and the Annual Report Information Survey (ARIS). The resulting files were used to produce the Massachusetts Public Library Data Series.

Please note that when downloading these files, your browser may change the extension to .exe in the "File Save As" dialog box. If that happens, you will need to change the extension back to .xls manually.

From 1999 to 2002, circulation and services data was combined under the file name circserv. Beginging with 2003 data, the files were separated. The circ files contain various library circulation measures, holdings and holdngs per capita. The serv files contain average weekly visits, reference transactions and hours open, branch and bookmobile data, Internet access, number of programs offered and number of registered borrowers.

The finstat files contain raw and per capita figures for the library's total municipal appropriation, operating income, and salary, materials, other and total operating expenditures. Also included are percent of total operating expenditures spent for salaries, materials and other expenditures.

In addition, the pers files contain data relating to staffing levels, education, work week and salaries. This includes the director's education and workweek, library staff full-time equivalencies, number of staff and education levels, and salary ranges for library positions.

For detailed field descriptions please see the filedesc.pdf file.

The data files are in Microsoft Excel format. The file and field description file is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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