Field Descriptions for the Circulation Statistics Data File 2006

Files with an extension of *.xls are data files in Excel format.
Files with an extension of *.dbf are data files in dBase/foxplus format.
Please see the print reports for more comprehensive definitions.

FY2007 data will be available in early 2008.

Data from this file was used to print the FY2006 Circulation and Holdings Report.

Field Name Definition
LIBCODE Unique library identifier - usually, but not always, the name of the municipality
TOWNSNAME Name of the municipality in which the library is located
MULTIPLE True value indicate multiple independent libraries within the municipality
CONTRACTIN True value indicates library contracts with the Board of Library Commissioners to provide various services to the region.
REGION Region in which the library is located
LIBPOP 2005 population estimate served by the library
LIBGROUP Population Grouping the library is in
COUNTY 2-letter code representing the county in which the library is located
PRINTTOTCI Total number of print adult and juvenile volumes lent.
AUDIOCIRC Total number of CD's and audio tapes lent.
VIDEOCIRC Total number of video tapes and video discs lent.
DIRCIRC Total Direct Circulation: total number print or non-print items circulated directly to borrowers. Includes: circulation of above plus periodicals, audio tapes, video tapes, multimedia items, framed art and other miscellaneous items.
TCIRC Total circulation activity: total items circulated including to borrowers directly, and to other libraries, via interlibrary loan and network transfers.
NRCTOT Nonresident circulation total - Total number of items circulated to nonresidents of the municipality. This includes the figures for residents of Massachusetts municipalities certified for state aid as well as loans to residents of Massachusetts municipalities not certified for state aid and persons from outside Massachusetts.
TOTHOURS Total number of hours worked by all employees.
NCUSTFTE Full-time equivalencies excluding custodians. Calculated by totaling the number of hours worked by all staff except custodial staff and dividing by 35.
CHILFTE Full-time equivalencies for children's librarians. Calculated by totaling the number of hours worked by all children's librarians and dividing by 35.
CIRCFTE Total Circulation per FTE. (TCIRC/FTE)
CIRCPC Total circulation activity per capita. (TCIRC/POP)
ANNHRSMAIN Total annual hours the library was open (main library if there are branches).
ANNHRSBRAN Total annual hours any/all branch libraries were open.
ANNHRSBKMB Total annual hours any/all bookmobiles were open.
CIRCHOUR Total Circulation activity per hour open.
LOANTO Interlibrary loans provided to another library.
LOANFROM Interlibrary loans received from another library.
REGISNUM Number of people registered to use the library at the end of the fiscal year.
TOTSUBS Total subscriptions
SUBSCRIPTS Print subscriptions, a count of print titles including duplicates
NPRSUBS Other subscriptions including materials in electronic and microform formats and other, such as museum passes
PRINTTOT Total print holdings
NONPRINTOT Total nonprint holdings
AUDIO Total number of recordings on compact disc, audio tape and record owned by the library
VIDEO Total number of video tapes, video discs and DVDs owned by the library
MICROFORMS Total number of materials in microform owned by the library.
OTHNPR Total number of other materials such as films, framed art work, kits, puppets, slide sets, educationaids, etc., owned by the library.
HOLD Total holdings
HOLDPC Holdings per capita
PRINTPC Total print materials owned by the library divided by the 2005 population estimate (library service population.)
AVPC Total audio and video materials owned by the library divided by the 2005 population estimate (library service population.)
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