Social Infrastructure Grant


Following up on the Communities in Crisis: Massachusetts Libraries Respond to the Opioid Epidemic, attendees are invited to apply for a limited number of mini-grants to assist them in developing a program, service or staff training to build social infrastructure.  Participation in the symposium should provide an opportunity to focus on specific action steps that will help reduce challenges or connect with resources identified at the symposium.  Grants may range from $500-1,000.00 

Examples may include:

  • Offer staff trainings on serving patrons in-crisis such as Mental Health First Aid, workplace safety, stress reduction, or compassion fatigue.
  • Expand the library’s collection on topics such as substance use disorder and mental illness.
  • Facilitate book discussions including authors featured in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Celebrity Series about substance use disorder.
  • Host a program to decrease social isolation and increase support.
  • Create a library display about living with chronic pain, substance use disorder, or mental illness.
  • Purchase meeting supplies for art therapy or art socialization groups.
  • Hire speakers for programs on topics like wellness, substance use disorder, parenting, caregiving, relationships, or public health.
  • Offer film discussions (purchase licenses) such as the Paper Tigers, Beautiful Boy, or Beyond the Wall.
  • Host an art exhibit by persons with lived experience with substance use disorder, mental illness, or other health conditions.


Applicant must have attended "Communities in Crisis: Libraries Respond to the Opioid Epidemic" symposium on November 15, 2019.


Applications were due December 20, 2019. Libraries will be notified in early January 2020.


Application Help

Questions about developing the grant application will be available by contacting

For More Information

Shelley Quezada, Consultant to the Unserved
617-725-1860 x235
857-488-7050 (Mobile)