Grant Lifecycle

Library Strategic Plans Due at MBLC

To be eligible for an LSTA grant, your library must have an up-to-date strategic/long-range plan on file.

About Strategic Planning October 1

New Grant Round Announced

Every November, the MBLC announces a new grant round for the upcoming fiscal year and the types of grants for which libraries can apply. If you don't find a grant you like, discuss your own idea with one of our consultants.

Current Grant Opportunities Mid November

Action Plans Due

To be eligible for an LSTA grant, your annual action plan must be on submitted to the MBLC by December 1st. Your action plan derives from your strategic plan, and tells us in more detail what your library will be doing during the upcoming fiscal year.

About Action Plans December 1

Letters of Intent Due

Libraries must file a letter of Intent to let the MBLC know that you will be applying for a grant. This gives us an opportunity to talk to you about your ideas and any eligibility concerns that we may have.

Current Form (MS Word) December 7

Application Forms Released / Grantwriting Workshops

Filed a letter of intent and eligible? The next step is to attend a workshop and begin work on your application.

Get Application Forms

MBLC consulting staff are here to help you succeed. Our workshops will introduce you to the application form and teach you how to create a compelling case for your project.

Workshop Information Late December / Early January

Applications Due

It is time to submit your completed application. SACL, the Statewide Advisory Council on Libraries, will then review your application and make a recommendation to the MBLC Board.

Early April

Commissioners Approve Awards

Read FY17 News Release July Board Meeting


After the Board awards you a grant, you will receive an award letter. In late summer you will receive contract documents and a disbursement form to make your first (and sometimes only) request for funds, and a grants management manual to help guide you.

August / September Get Disbursement Form


Current Grants Management Manual

Projects Begin

Your project period officially begins on October 1st. We'll need your signed contract by then. Do not spend or encumber any LSTA funds until the grant period has started.

October 1 Get Disbursement Form

Interim Report Due

The Interim Report is meant to help you reflect on the progress of your project. It is also a good time to look at how much LSTA funding you still have to spend.

Get Interim Report Forms April 15

Grant Project Period Ends

All LSTA funds must be spent by September 30th. Aim to expend your funds by September 1st to give you time to pay any final invoices before the deadline.

If your grant is a 2-year project, your 2nd year begins on October 1st and follows the same annual cycle for reports.

September 30

Final Report Due

You will submit both a narrative and financial report form for your final report. Your project consultant relies on these documents for our own reporting to IMLS.

Get Final Report Forms October 15

Audit Due

If your library is required to do an audit, your project funds will be included in the general audit. This will likely happen well after your grant project is over, and may include audits from two consecutive fiscal years.

After Project Completion