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FY2018 LSTA Grant Round Information

MBLC offers grants annually. Libraries that submitted a Letter of Intent in December are now working on their applications. See the Grant Process Lifecycle or Grant Round Calendar (PDF) for an overview of the application process and grant deadlines.

If you did not submit a Letter of Intent, consider applying next year.

FY18 Application Forms


Application Workshops

Grant Round Announcement (released November 15, 2016)

Long Range Plans and Action Plans

Libraries are eligible for this grant round if they have the following on file with the MBLC:

  • A current long range plan, as of October 1, 2016
  • An FY 2018 action plan, as of December 1, 2016

Fact Sheets

The Townwide Preservation Assessment Grant is your first step toward preserving, arranging and describing, and digitizing local collections for access through the Digital Commonwealth. This grant runs on a different timeframe, with applications due in November.

For More Information

Ruth Urell, Head of Library Advisory & Development
617-725-1860 x237

Amy Clayton, Administrative Coordinator
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