"Preservation is the basic responsibility to provide adequate facilities for the protection, care, and maintenance of library and archival materials"

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners has had an active preservation program since 1988 when the position of Preservation Specialist was created. The focus of this program is preservation advice/service to libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies throughout Massachusetts.

Included in these activities are preservation training through workshops, articles in MBLC Notes, disaster preparedness training, advice and on-site visits in the event of an institutional disaster, warnings about possible natural events that could possibly affect the well-being and/or survival of cultural heritage collections, a program of environmental monitoring in institutions throughout the Commonwealth through the use of digital temperature and relative humidity dataloggers, the creation of a library of preservation resources in the MBLC's reference collection, and a collection of preservation supply catalogs to serve as a resource for those seeking preservation supplies.

Preservation grant funding is also available through the LSTA federal grant program.

Page last updated on 09/23/2015