A number of school libraries in Massachusetts belong to one of the automated library networks (e.g., SAILS, CLAMS, or C/W Mars) . If Internet service or a telecommunications link is provided through the network, then the school library is covered by the network E-Rate application.

However, in all regards, a school library is considered to be a school and not a library. For instance, under the Children's Internet Protection Act, a school library receiving E-Rate discounts must meet the more stringent compliance requirements for schools, not libraries.

The Board of Library Commissioners does not review technology plans for schools or school libraries. School libraries should be covered under their school plans. Services delivered to schools as members of an automated network will be covered under the network's technology plan.

Public Schools should contact:

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Schools should use SLD's Certified Technology Plan Approver Locator:

Page last updated on 06/11/2015