Preservation/Archives Resources

There is now a plethora of library and archives preservation sites on the World Wide Web. Many of those contain a significant amount of information. Access to some of these sites is available below as well as to some related sites. If people are aware of other sites or have comments about these listings, please contact Gregor Trinkaus-Randall.



Abbey Publications

Abbey Publications is the source of both the Alkaline Paper Advocate and The Abbey Newsletter. The former tracks and reports on developments in the production of alkaline paper. The latter addresses preservation issues relating to the preservation of the written word and other paper-related preservation issues.

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American Institute for Conservation

This site provides access to a number of conservation areas covered by AIC including General Information, Conservation specialties, Caring for Your Treasures, Selecting a Conservator, and Disaster Recovery.

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AIC Conservation Specialties

The AIC Conservation Specialties site provides access to the various specialty groups in AIC including Architecture, Book and Paper, Objects, Paintings, Photographic Materials, Textiles, and Wooden Artifacts. From here one can access each of these sites to obtain further information.

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ALA Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, Preservation and Reformatting Section

This site provides access to a number of activities carried on by the members of this section relating to preservation and reformatting. It includes links to each of its subgroups's reports and activities.

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The AMIGOS Imaging and Preservation Service: Collections Care for Your Library and Archival Materials

The AMIGOS Imaging and Preservation Service (APS) is a non-profit, grant-funded service which provides preservation information, disaster planning and recovery assistance, site surveys, support and training to librarians and archivists in the Southwestern U.S. This site provides information on those activities as well as more detailed general preservation information.

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California Preservation Program

The mission of this program is:

  • to identify and preserve important archival and library materials in information agencies of all types and sizes in California to ensure continuing public access;
  • to develop and provide a broad program of education and training in preservation;
  • to assist information agencies of all types and sizes to develop and implement preservation programs;
  • and to promote cooperative and coordinated preservation efforts in order to maximize the effective use of finances, personnel, materials and other resources.

Both statewide and regional initiatives are identified to put the plan into practice. Statewide initiatives will benefit information agencies throughout the state, yet regional and local activities are also necessary, while recognizing that primary responsibility for preservation of collections lies with the information agencies themselves.

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Canadian Conservation Institute

The Canadian Conservation Institute is the premier Canadian conservation and conservation research institution dealing with cultural heritage preservation. This site will provide you with information on how various artifacts and works of art are conserved, how conservators and scientists work together to develop new conservation techniques, and how the staff can assist individuals and organizations who are responsible for preserving heritage collections. The site also lists publications and products, provides access to their library catalog, lists available services, and also provides links to related sites.

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Conservation Online

CoOL, a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text database of conservation information. The databases cover a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.

The content of the CoOL databases comes from a variety of sources, and we hope that all users will consider contributing some material to the project. As you use the server please pay attention to lacunae that you might be able to help fill. If this is your first time here, please read an important message about copyright. If you would like to contribute material to CoOL or suggest ways to improve it, please send a note to Walter Henry.

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Cornell University Preservation Department

The Cornell University Preservation Department provides services to the Cornell University libraries. This site provides information about that program and numerous photographs illustrations, descriptions of their policies, details about training opportunities, and information about their digital imaging program.

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Council on Library and Information Resources

CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand access to information, however recorded and preserved, as a public good. Through publications, projects, and programs, CLIR works to maintain and improve access to information for generations to come. In partnership with other institutions, CLIR helps create services that expand the concept of "library" and supports the providers and preservers of information.

CLIR pursues three primary goals in support of its mission:

  • To foster new approaches to the management of digital and nondigital information resources so that they will be available in the future
  • To expand leadership capacity in the information professions
  • To analyze changes in the information landscape and help practitioners prepare for them.

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Dartmouth College. A Simple Book Repair Manual

This is an excellent book repair manual with step-by-step instructions on how to deal with a number of basic book repair issues.

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Emory University Preservation Office

The Preservation Office was established in 1982 to serve all Emory libraries.  The Office provides a wide range of services to ensure that library materials, irrespective of format, remain available to users.  The Office is organized into four functional units: Conservation, Reformatting, Audio/Visual Media Preservation, and Binding.

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Harvard University Library Preservation

This site gives information about preservation activities at Harvard, disaster preparedness, Daguerreotypes at Harvard, Treasures at Risk, and the Harvard Book.

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Heritage Emergency National Task Force

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force is sponsored by Heritage Preservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  It is a partnership of 29 federal agencies, national service organizations, and private institutions. It has two major goals: 1.) safeguarding America's cultural heritage from the damaging effects of natural disasters and other emergencies and 2.) using its expertise to help the general public recover from disasters. 

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Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation works to ensure the preservation of America's collective heritage for present and future generations. Our programs and publications provide advice and guidance on the proper care and maintenance of historic documents, books and archives, works of art, photographs, architecture, monuments, anthropological artifacts, historic objects and family heirlooms, and natural science specimens. Heritage Preservation works with its members--the nation's leading museums, libraries and archives, historic preservation organizations and historical societies--to inform the public of the need to preserve our collective heritage.

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Library of Congress: Preservation

The mission of the Library of Congress's Preservation Directorate is to assure long-term, uninterrupted access to the intellectual content of the Library's collections. This web site presents information that they have gathered in this endeavor for the library and archival communities to access. Of particular interest are the links to Frequently Asked Questions, Preservation Programs, Preservation Research, and Other Resources.

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Lyrasis: Preservation

The mission of Preservation Services is to improve institutions' abilities to maintain long-term, cost-effective access to information resources in both traditional and networked collections. To accomplish our goal, LYRASIS provides comprehensive preservation services including disaster preparedness, training in preservation techniques, consulting and grant writing for preservation projects. In addition, we can also serve as a resource for your preservation activities to help minimize the physical and chemical deterioration and to prevent the loss of informational content. 

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National Digital Library Federation


The DLF is a program of the Council on Library and Information Resources. Drawing on its members and others in the scholarly, library, and computing communities, the DLF brings together experts needed for each DLF initiative, and awards Distinguished Fellowships for special projects. Funding comes from members and grants.

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Northeast Document Conservation Center

The NEDCC was founded in 1973 to specialize in the conservation of paper and related materials. It is now the largest non-profit, regional conservation facility in the United States. NEDCC employs a staff of 40 including conservators, archivists, and librarians who bring to their work a wealth of knowledge and a strong commitment to providing the highest quality conservation services. Their Web site allows visitors to learn more about the Center, its services, brief answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about preservation and conservation, a calendar of NEDCC presented events, funding sources, their publications, and other Internet resources. 

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Regional Alliance for Preservation

RAP is a national network of nonprofit organizations with expertise in the field of conservation and preservation. Through coordinated outreach activities, educational programs, and publications, RAP organizations foster awareness about preserving our cultural heritage.   RAP members present training programs, provide conservation and preservation services, create publications to assist institutions in caring for their collections, and provide free technical advice to collecting institutions across the country. 

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University of California at San Diego Preservation Department

This is an excellent site that addresses a myriad of preservation issues. Not only does it describe the activities of the department but it is clearly designed with the practicing librarian in mind. Many of the sections either link to other sites around the country (e.g. Dartmouth College's Book Repair Manual) or to descriptive sections on how to do something specific in the preservation field.

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University of Illinois Preservation Department

The Preservation and Conservation Units exist to assure long-term access to the physical and intellectual contents of the Library's collections. These units seek to provide this access with an eye toward maximizing the Library's investment in collections, services, and staff while continually seeking to improve the services that we provide.

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Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC)

WAAC is a non-profit membership organization for professional conservators practicing in western United States. This site provides information about the organization as well as access to its newsletters and other publications.

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Disaster Preparedness and Response

A primer on Disaster Preparedness Management and Response: Paper-based Materials. A collection of reprints from a variety of sources.

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Extension Disaster Education Network

This is a collaborative multi-state effort by Extension Services across the country designed to provide access to provide Extension agents and educators with access to resources on disaster preparedness, recovery, and mitigation that will enhance their short- and long-term programming efforts

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

This site provides up-to-date information on disasters throughout the nation as well as general emergency news, National Weather Service Warnings, disaster assistance and mitigation, training, and other related information.

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Harvard Library Disaster Information

This site provides a plethora of information about disaster preparedness and recovery. Included is information on First Response, Salvaging Your collections, Local Suppliers and Service Providers, Creating an Individual Disaster Plan, Preparedness Activities, and a Bibliography.

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Hazards Literature Database of the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center

An on-line library database dealing with how society prepares for, responds to, recovers from, and mitigates natural disasters. An important resource for all persons involved in disaster management.

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Iowa Conservation And Preservation Consortium 

A compilation of resources useful for individuals or institutions for the recovery of books, records, valuable heirlooms, photographs, moldy paper materials, paintings on canvas, blueprints, magnetic media, microfilm and motion picture film, textiles, wood, and inorganic materials

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Greater Hudson Heritage Network

Greater Hudson Heritage Network serves the museum and history communities as a catalyst to:

  • Advance professional standards and practices.
  • Build the capacity of organizations to meet their missions, and
  • Create a network of effective and professional stewards of regional history and culture- now and in the future.

We envision communities that value the exploration and preservation of their heritage and culture, and are empowered to save it for and interpret it to future generations, through the leadership of museums and history organizations.

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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

This site contains the latest information about the NFPA, its departments, publications, seminars, and educational programs. The mission of the NFPA is to reduce the burden of fore on the quality of life by advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards, research and education for fire and related safety issues.

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Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder

This is a national and international clearinghouse for information on natural hazards and human adjustments to hazards and disasters. The center's prime goal is to increase communication among hazard disaster researchers and those individuals, agencies, and organizations that are actively working to reduce disaster damage and suffering.

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"Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Collections"

This document provides specific information on the salvage of a number of different types of media affected by water through a flood or other disaster. Produced in 1997 by Betty Walsh.

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Canadian Council of Archives Preservation Committee

This document provides specific information on the salvage of a number of different types of media affected by water through a flood or other disaster in both textual and tabular form. This is a revision and expansion of the 1997 version noted above. This version is also by Betty Walsh.

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American Association for State and Local History

The mission of the AASLH is "To promote and enhance an appreciation of the origins, development, and continuities of the North American experience." It serves individuals and institutions from local to national in scope including but not limited to historical societies, museums, historical associations, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. It provides information and training through publications, annual meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.

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Archives Association of British Columbia

This site is an excellent introduction to the introductory concepts for archivists, librarians, museum curators, town clerks, and others with records responsibilities.

Canadian Heritage Information Network

This site focuses on the concept of collection level description from a museum perspective. Collection level description is generally not a concept that librarians and museum curators consider on a regular basis. Therefore, this is an important site for those beginning to work with archival materials.

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Getty Information Institute

This site provides a good description and introduction to archival organization and description, especially targeted and persons new to the field.

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Massachusetts Archives

The Massachusetts Archives is responsible for preserving access to state government records of long term value. The archives works with the Records Management Unit and Records Conservation Board to identify, secure, and preserve permanently valuable records.

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Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board

The MHRAB is a unit within the Office of the Secretary of State and is affiliated with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHRPC), a granting agency of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). This site is to provide information and guidance to the historical records community of Massachusetts, particularly regarding the use, creation, care, management, and preservation of historical records.

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National Archives and Records Administration

This site provides information and access to a significant quantity of resources concerning the historical records of the three branches of government: executive (including the President), legislative, and judicial. Further information can be found specifically at the NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL).

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National Association of Government Archivists and Records Managers

This site provides information in a concise manner using a servies of technical bulletins for those persons involved in setting up a records management program for their institution or town/city. Since neither archivists nor librarians are usually moving in this direction, this information is crucial when starting out.

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New England Archivists

This site provides information concerning the New England Archivists, the regional archival organization that represents and provides services to archivists and others interested in archival issues and the care and preservation of records in all types of repositories.

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The Society of American Archivists

The Society of American Archivists serves the educational and informational needs of its members and provides leadership to help ensure the identification, preservation, and use of the nation's historical record. This site provides a wealth of information regarding archives for those interested in the historical record.

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Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (formerly Colorado Preservation Alliance) 

SRMA is a non-profit member-oriented professional organization, incorporated in the state of Colorado.  SRMA unites those who champion the acquisition and preservation of the evolving historical record and promotes access to records for present and future generations. Its objectives are to disseminate information on research materials and archival methodology, to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of common concern, and, in furtherance of these objectives, to cooperate with other similar cultural and educational organizations.

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Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

This site provides a good description of the steps needed to develop a collection development policy for historical records. The Wisconsin State Archives and Historical Records Advisory Board have a long history of providing excellent education and information to archivists.

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