Technology Planning

Link to E-Rate Modernization Order Information

The July 23, 2014 E-Rate Modernization Order removes the requirement that libraries and schools have approved technology plans. The guidance below is left here for the 2014 funding year (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).

For libraries planning to make an E-Rate application during the next funding window (Fall/Winter 2014/2015), an approved technology plan will not be necessary.

Libraries that wish to receive E-Rate discounts on "Priority 2" services must submit a technology plan for approval to the Board. The Board is the entity designated to approve technology plans for public libraries in Massachusetts.

The USAC website will always have the most up-to-date information on technology plan requirements for the E-Rate program. More detailed information on how to write a technology plan can be found in the technology plan outline.

Technology plans must be submitted before you file your Form 470. In most cases, your technology plan should be completed, signed, and sent in to the Board of Library Commissioners by early November before the beginning of the SLD funding year for which you will be requesting discounts.

Plans should be sent to:

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
98 North Washington St., Suite 401
Boston, MA 02114
Attn: Rachel Masse

Submitted plans will be evaluated within two weeks of receipt. Inquiries about your plan's status and general questions about technology planning should be directed to Paul Kissman via phone at (617) 725-1860 x234 or 800-952-7403, or email (

Plan Revisions

Based on your monitoring, if you realize that you need to request discounted services or equipment from E-Rate not covered in your three-year technology plan, you must send a modified version of your technology plan to the Board of Library Commissioners for approval in a timely manner (before you file your 470).

Technology Plans

A simple technology planning format has been developed for Massachusetts libraries to follow:

The MBLC Professional Library has multiple copies of both Technology For Results (2005) by Diane Mayo and Wired for the Future: Developing Your Library Technology Plan (1999) by Diane Mayo and Sandra Nelson. Please contact Erin Williams Hart ( to make a request.

Timeline for Submission

  1. As mentioned above, your technology plan must be submitted before you file your Form 470. The SLD emphasizes that your technology plan guides your request for services.
  2. Your technology plan must be approved by the Board of Library Commissioners before you send in your Form 486, the Receipt of Service Confirmation Form. For services that begin on July 1 of the program year, such as telecommunications services, the technology plan must have been approved before the start of the year.
Page last updated on 06/11/2015