Statewide Database Licensing

The MBLC and the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) license the following electronic resources for use by all Massachusetts residents from their local libraries, schools, or their home computers with Internet access. See your local library's website for access or go to

The resources are funded jointly by the MBLC and MLS with state funding and federal support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the MBLC.

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Electronic Resource/Product Code

Content Description & Links to Vendor Product Fact sheets

Gale Cengage (Licensed through June 30, 2016) Online Title Lists for Databases; Product Search Tips; Product Access Codes (in parentheses following database name)

Academic OneFile (AONE)

Use this comprehensive periodical resource of full-text peer-reviewed content for over 13,000 indexed journals and reference works covering all subjects, including the full-text of The New York Times and London Times back to 1985 and NPR, CNN & CBC transcripts and podcasts.

Artemis Literary Sources (GLS)

Cross-searches Literature Resource Center, 7 statewide literature GVRL titles, and any additional locally licensed Gale Cengage literary databases. Offers cutting-edge tools interactive tools to analyze information. (See also: Literature Resource Center.)

Biography in Context

Use this database for over 400,000 biographies covering literary figures, science, multicultural studies, business, entertainment, politics, sports, government, history, current events and the arts. Indexes all print volumes of the series.

Books & Authors (BNA)

Reader's advisory for adults, young adults, and children's fiction and non-fiction.

Business Collection (ITBC)

Use this database to search nearly 4,000 leading business & trade publications including content from Predicasts Overview of Markets & Technology (PROMT), as well as international company profiles and all business and management topics.

Business Insights: Essentials (BIE)

Company profiles, financial data, investment reports, industry information, business periodicals and more.

Criminal Justice Collection (PPCJ)

Targeted collection of 700+ journals covering criminal justice including law enforcement, paralegal topics, and homeland security.

Culinary Arts Collection (PPCA)

Targeted collection of over 200 major cooking and nutrition magazines including recipes, restaurant reviews and industry information.

Educator's Reference Complete (PROF)

Use this mainly full-text collection of over 1100 periodicals and 200 reports for educational research from preschool to college covering technology, health and bilingual education, testing, and issues in administration, funding and policy. 

Environmental Studies and Policies Collection (PPES)

Targeted collection of 700+ journals and reference books covering environmental issues policies from scientific, government and industry perspectives.

Expanded Academic ASAP (EAIM)

Use this database to find full-text scholarly journals, new magazines and newspapers for all academic disciplines. (Coverage duplicated in Academic OneFile)

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

A mix of more than 50 full-text E-reference books in a range of subjects including covering the arts, business, the environment, history, literature, medicine, multicultural studies, geography, and science. GVRL Titles, GVRL MARC records, GVRL Search Tips [pdf]

Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection (PPGL)

Targeted collection of journals and e-reference sources for gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike.

General OneFile (ITOF)

Use this comprehensive periodical resource for any subject. Coverage goes back to 1980- with over 12,000 titles (7,800 full-text including The New York Times back to 1985).

General Reference Center Gold (GRGM)

Use this general interest database for full-text and images from magazines, reference books, and newspapers for information on current events, popular culture, the arts and sciences, sports, etc. (Coverage duplicated in General OneFile)

Global Issues in Context (GIC)

Global viewpoints, reference, periodicals, and multimedia for what's happening in the world today and why.

Health & Wellness Resource Center (HWRC)

Consumer health-focused medical and drug encyclopedias, magazines, videos and more.

Health Reference Center Academic (HRCA)

Full-text database that provides full-text nursing & allied health journals, plus current and reliable personal health information.

Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Collection (PPTH)

Targeted collection of over 500 journals, 400 travel guides and e-reference books covering hospitality and tourism.

InfoTrac K-12 Student Edition (STOM)

Designed for secondary school students. Includes mainly full-text magazines, newspapers and reference books covering current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Kids InfoBits (ITKE)

Targeting the research needs of grades K-5 students. This resource includes Blackbirch Press curriculum support references, 100 full-text age appropriate magazines and 2 newswires. Graphs, charts, maps and over 2,500 searchable images. 

Literature Resource Center (LitRC-16)

Literary criticism, author biographies, literary journals, overviews or 75,000 frequently studied works, and over 30,000 poems, short stories and plays. Includes Contemporary Literary Criticism-Select, an extensive collection of critical essays on contemporary writers.

Massachusetts History Online (SPJ.SP23)

Use this collection for full-text articles from 50 magazines and local newspapers for coverage of Massachusetts people, places and historical events. Title List [MS Excel]

The New York Times 1985- (SPN.SP24)

Full-text of The New York Times from 1985- searchable as a standalone file (also included in Academic OneFile and General OneFile).

Nursing Resource Center (NRC) with Nursing & Allied Health Collection

Designed for nursing students, this brings together disease and drug overviews, care plans, anatomy and physiology diagrams with full-text journals and core encyclopedia texts.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC)

Offers a range of perspectives on important issues to help critical-thinking skills using reference, periodical, news, primary and multimedia sources

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection (PPSM)

Targeted collection of journals covering proven and experiment research and treatment techniques in the fields of physical therapy and sports medicine.

Research in Context (MSIC)

Middle school students will be able to complete core assignments with cross-disciplinary resources covering the literature, spanning science, social studies, and U.S. and world history. Students will find age appropriate content including magazines, newspapers, videos, primary sources and more.

Science in Context (SCIC)

Comprehensive range of science journal, news, reference works, AV resources and interactive exercises supporting high school curricula and university coursework.  

U.S. History in Context (UHIC)

Primary and secondary history sources combined with the media-rich selections, including key titles from Macmillan, Scribner and other world-class sources. Find comprehensive coverage of the most-studied topics, from the arrival of Vikings in North America 1,000 years ago to Vietnam, Watergate and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vocations & Careers Collection (PPVC)

Targeted collection of general career guides and highly specialized industry journals.

World History in Context (WHIC)

Covers nearly 5,000 years to chronicle the rise and fall of cultures and societies across all continents and eras. Rare primary sources combine with reliable references to put content into context for every learner.

InfoTrac Power Packs

Subject-oriented files including agriculture, business, communications, diversity, environmental issues, fine arts, gender studies, general science, library science, insurance, military intelligence, pop culture, psychology, philosophy and religion, sports medicine and PT, and war and terrorism. All periodical content is duplicated from General OneFile or Academic OneFile, but additional reference books may be found in these collections. Power Pack Titles. Please register to link to Power Packs.

Proquest (licensed through June 30, 2016)

Boston Globe Full-text coverage from 1980.
Encyclopaedia Britannica (licensed through June 30, 2016)

Britannica Library Suite (3 levels):
Reference Center
Young Adult

Comprehensive encyclopedia meeting the reference needs for all patrons -- from grade school students to business professionals and lifelong learners. Offers Reference Center (Adult), Children, and Young Adult levels. Includes a dictionary, thesaurus, videos, images, primary sources, e-books, world atlas, and more.

Britannica School (3 levels):

Comprehensive encyclopedia meeting the reference needs for pre-K through high school students with three separate levels: Elementary, Middle, and High School. The Elementary level includes the additional Learning Zone module, an interactive learning environment for ages 4 to 7 featuring art activities, games, audio and video, vocabulary builders, and more.

Annals of American History

Speeches, essays, biographies, landmark court decisions, editorials, images, and more that bring American history to life from 1493 to the present.

Spanish Reference Center
Britannica Escolar Online
Enciclopedia Moderna

Includes Britannica Escolar Online, a Spanish elementary encyclopedia for grades K-8 and Enciclopedia Moderna for grades 9-12. Moderna serves native Spanish speakers, as well as students that are bilingual or learning Spanish.

World Data Analyst

Comprehensive current and historical statistics on the countries of the world for historical and cross-national comparisons. Data can be used for creation of tables and charts or exported for deeper analysis.

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