Raising awareness and supporting personal preparedness in your communities and institutions are beneficial in multiple ways. Whether it’s only among your internal staff and stakeholders, or more widely and publicly promoted in your community, these efforts can meaningfully mitigate risks to safety and property, and enhance your community’s ability to recover from a disaster. Keep in mind that when your staff and stakeholders are better prepared for emergencies personally, they will be better prepared to help others.

September is National Preparedness Month

Ready.gov/September, developed and hosted by FEMA, has the best resources for information and resources. For 2020, there are short educational videos, social media graphics and content, and themes for each week in September:

Emergency Preparedness Month in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

September 1, 2020 – Governor Charlie Baker has proclaimed September 2020 to be Emergency Preparedness Month in Massachusetts to encourage residents, families, and organizations to prepare for emergencies and disasters. September is also National Preparedness Month. See the press release for links and a note on the importance of this initiative for the Commonwealth.

For a video from Governor Baker, social media content and graphics, links to MEMA and the MDPH, an opportunity to thank an essential worker, and other resources for you and your community, visit Mass.gov’s Emergency Preparedness Month page.

Flood Awareness Month in Massachusetts

From the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition: The Governor, along with members of the Massachusetts Legislature, are proclaiming September Flood Awareness Month in Massachusetts.  This is being done to align with National Preparedness Month, which is also September.

Massachusetts has the highest number of repetitive loss properties in New England, and is repeatedly threatened with winter Nor’easters and Hurricanes.  Our communities regularly battle flooding both coastally and inland from the various sources of water our state has.  Residents, business owners, and property owners across the Commonwealth continue to face the loss of lives, business and property in instances of inland and coastal flooding, and seek assistance in preparing for and minimizing catastrophic loss.

A list of events, and a home page for Flood Awareness Month in Massachusetts, can be found www.floodawareness.org.  For more information, or for any questions, please email Joe Rossi at info@floodawareness.org.