Cultural resources are individual objects, collections, and even activities with artistic, educational, historic, scientific, social, or economic importance to a community. They are housed in libraries, museums, archives, historic properties, historical societies, city and town halls, and public records repositories. They include works of art, books, documents, archaeological specimens, furniture, textiles, recordings, significant landscapes, and much more.


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Prepare. Plan. Preserve.

Many partners are needed to protect and preserve the cultural collections and historic structures and sites that represent the heritage of Massachusetts. Collaborative planning and coordinated response can lessen the damaging effects of disasters and help speed recovery for the institutions that house these collections and the communities themselves. However, the partnerships essential to protecting our cultural heritage need to be in place before disaster strikes, and that is why COSTEP MA exists. 

COSTEP MA (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness in Massachusetts) is a collaborative of representatives of cultural and historical institutions and agencies as well as first responder and emergency management professionals from federal, state, and municipal governments. The purpose of COSTEP MA is to build and foster a statewide emergency planning process that serves the cultural and emergency management communities and addresses disaster prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. The process will ensure an ongoing dialogue that promotes mutual understanding and coordination between these communities, both of which are committed to protecting our Commonwealth’s cultural heritage.

Before, during, or after a disaster, COSTEP MA can help.

To learn more about the role each community plays in emergency preparedness and response—and how you can play a part—click on the images below.