With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation is hosting a series of 5 virtual hour-long sessions on emergency planning and response in cultural institutions. The exciting sessions include an optional assignment, and are scheduled as follows:

Institutional Buy-in with Teresa Myers, Sept 14

Plan Assessment with Samantha Forsko, Sept 28

Understanding Facilities with Jeremy Linden, Oct 12

Training Staff with Priscilla Anderson (A COSTEP MA Board member!), Oct 26

Psychology of Emergencies with Jody Horstman, Nov 9

Please note: The course is geared toward conservation and collections care professionals, as well as their colleagues in the operations and facilities departments of museums, archives, and other collecting institutions. Each registration allows two participants from an institution to collaboratively work through the course, with the intention of promoting interdepartmental planning and training for emergency disaster response. Only one person from each institution should register for the course. We will follow up to get the information for the second participant from your institution and provide them with access to the course portal.

REGISTRATION ($149/$179): https://learning.culturalheritage.org/products/emergency-planning