APT Northeast is a chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology International encompassing New England, New York State, and northern New Jersey. Check out their exciting line up of speakers for their Annual Meeting and Symposium on Friday February 26th. $40 for APTNE members, $70 nonmembers.

From https://aptne.memberclicks.net/upcoming-symposium:

“Disasters come in various forms, whether they be a natural disaster, a man-made disaster, or a disastrous situation.  In preservation, we deal with each of these disasters, whether it be from planning to prevent them, investigating the aftermath, or in overcoming them and coming out better than before.  Each situation is defined in how we approach the disaster and each of us are judged in how we react.  In a time that is currently fraught with various global disasters, each of us is challenged to move above and beyond, bringing our history and our buildings with us.”

“Industry professionals, artisans, students, and professors will present topics ranging from planning for seismic disasters to protecting our cultural heritage from fire and from adapting for flooding to graffiti.”