THANK YOU to the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) for the opportunity to distribute 8 Collections Recovery Kits to our COSTEP MA community! Made possible by their Emergency Microgrant program.

COSTEP MA Exec Board invited interested cultural institutions to complete the following:

  • 1.  Subscribe to our Email list.
  • 2. Create a listing in the Mass Emergency Management Agency’s Cultural Heritage Facilities Survey (
  • 3. Write a short note (at least 1 paragraph) to COSTEP MA about your institution’s disaster risks and how the disaster kit may help. To post it on our blog, photographs welcome.
  • 4. Join at least 1 COSTEP MA Exec Board meeting to say hello.

Another awardee that satisfied the requirements is the Peabody Historical Society and Musem! Thank you and Congrats! Below is their note about their disaster risks and how the Kit may help.

Their Director writes:

The Peabody Historical Society and Museum has 8 historic sites under our care. These buildings range from circa 1680 to 1904. Each poses unique challenges to collections care. However, all bear the brunt of New England winters, with potential ice damage, as well as flooding. The Disaster Recovery Kit will be immensely helpful for our library and archive building, the Sutton-Pierson House (a 1847 Gothic Revival cottage) [pictured below]. We consolidated all of our library and archival items to this location in 2016. We are still in the process of organizing and appropriately re-housing all of the material; 7,423 items have been processed so far. We acknowledge that the collections are at greater risk when some are still “in-process.” The kit will remain in the Sutton-Pierson House and will help us mitigate any damage in the event of a disaster.  Thank you!