The Foundation for the Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) is hosting a free, four-part Alliance for Response Winter Webinar Series, open to all. *Note All Webinars scheduled from 2p-3p; participants will need to create an account with AIC/FAIC in order to register.*

December 18th: “Beyond the Plan: Maintaining a Culture of Preparedness” with Valerie Marlowe. This webinar will outline practical every day strategies for maintaining a culture of preparedness and avoiding common pitfalls that lead to unusable emergency plans and difficult responses.

December 19th: “Widening the Circle: Including Performing Arts Organizations in Disaster Networks” with Tom Clareson. This session will discuss findings on the needs of performing arts organizations during disasters, information on Disaster Networks that include arts organizations, and the resources of the Performing Arts Readiness project.

December 20th: “Spark Interest in Preparedness: Gaining Buy-in at Your Institution” with Becky Fifield. This session offers the preservation professional tools for gaining a seat at the planning table and transforming good intentions into a robust emergency management program.

December 30th: “Navigating Response Structures” with Rebecca Elder. There are many national, regional, and local platforms to manage emergency response. This webinar will examine some of the most important ones that involve the cultural heritage sector, and discuss how individuals and institutions can get involved in responding to disasters that affect library, museum, and archive collections.