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It’s never too late to create, update, and rehearse a disaster plan. Whether it’s facing a prolonged building closure, water in the reading room, or storm damage, having a disaster plan in place that is readily accessible and easy to follow will enable your institution to more effectively respond to disaster. COSTEP MA is excited to announce a new, free program that will provide cultural heritage institutions a chance to test and improve their disaster plans: the COSTEP MA Virtual Tabletop Exercise (TTX). A tabletop exercise presents one (or many) hypothetical scenarios through moderated prompts that simulate the experience of responding to a disaster. The COSTEP MA TTX will host multiple institutions in a virtual setting to test their plans, respond to disaster scenarios in real time, and then discuss the decision-making process with each other through virtual conference technology. Most or all of an institution’s staff are encouraged to participate. Multiple exercises will be offered in 2020, with the first scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd from 10am-12pm. Additional details and registration information will be posted to the COSTEP Events page: check back soon!