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From the announcement: “Leaky pipe dripping on your storage shelf? Smoke from a kitchen fire nearby? An earthquake causing objects to topple? Collections emergencies can be large and catastrophic, but also small and less severe. Having a well-stocked and thought-out emergency kit on hand can help mitigate the chronic nuisance of a ceiling drip or buy valuable time when planning a more coordinated response for a larger emergency. In honor of MayDay and the essence of being prepared, we will be discussing all things related to collections emergency kits. This talk will examine types of materials to include in your kit, how to manage inventory, where to store your kits, and how to educate your team on the value of this important resource. This webinar reports on the recent efforts of the Smithsonian Institution’s Preparedness and Response in Collections Emergencies (PRICE) Team to understand emergency kit status and needs at the Institution via a year-long survey of each of its museums, archives, and libraries. We will share useful tips from this survey and provide listeners with a great starting point to prepare their own collections emergency kits.”