Sign up to receive real-time weather notifications that include collections-related preservation tips when serious or inclement weather is about to strike. Now is an especially good time to do so, since the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1st. COSTEP MA weather alerts are sent out when the National Weather Service forecasts a severe storm or weather event, which could include high winds, heavy rainfall, snow, or even drought periods. Examples of collections-related tips, which are specific to each weather event and alert, range from checking your gutters and sump pumps in case of urban flooding to tips to help winterize your collections facility.

To sign up, click on the COSTEP MA homepage, and scroll down to join our email list (text block on the lower right of the screen). Sign up for the email list and make sure to select the “opt-in” button to receive our weather alerts.

Screenshot showing Weather Alerts sign-up box on COSTEP MA website

With Hurricane Season on the mind, here are a few helpful resources to learn more about hurricane safety and disaster preparedness:

Don’t delay, subscribe to the COSTEP MA Weather Alerts today!