Recapping and sharing recordings from 2 events from last month’s “Preservation Week” from the American Library Association (ALA) and closly associated “MayDay” from the Society of Amercian Archivists (SAA).

  1. Practical Disaster Resources for New England Libraries,” hosted by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The recording and links are available MBLC’s Preservation LibGuide: (Direct link to video here: Thanks to Mass Library System for hosting the recording. The first speaker came from MHEC, the nonprofit purchasing consortium. Libraries in MA, and many throughout New England, are already free members. Although this portion of the presentation may seem like a commercial at times, I think it’s an opportunity to learn about how you can take advantage of discounts from vetted, publicly procured Disaster Response vendors in the event of an emergency. The second speaker, the Director from the Reading (MA) Public Library (RPL), shared an inspiring and informed perspective on emergency planning. There were too many good bits of info to summarize adequately, so I’ll rely on feedback from an attendee, an experienced Assistant Library Director from the North Shore: “Amy Fang Lannon’s section was the most helpful disaster planning presentation I’ve seen.” If you view the presentation, please fill out this 1-question feedback form afterwards: Thanks!
  2. Tools for Emergency Response Planning,” hosted by the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC). Recording and links available here: The first speakers represent compilers of high quality, up to date emergency planning and response information, available for free and wide dissemination. The information is vetted and trusted by these professionals, accessible through a Wiki environment ( and annotated through easy-to-use Zotero citation management software. The second speaker represents Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), sharing information on the upgraded dPlan.