Budgets and Funding

The MBLC receives funding annually from the Massachusetts state budget, appropriated by the Massachusetts legislature and governor. It also receives federal funding through the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA), administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).  The MBLC also administers funds made available through a state capital improvements bond bill via the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program. 

Visit the Massachusetts legislature website for more information on the state budget process. The MBLC's FY2021 Legislative Agenda is currently under development, and will highlight funding priorities that impact library services for all residents.

For more information, contact Mary Rose Quinn.

FY2021 Operating Budget Request
Item No. Item Name FY 2020 Budget FY 2021 Legislative
Agenda Request
FY 2021 Governor's Proposed Budget
7000-9101 Board of Library Commissioners $1,322,130 $1,579,876
7000-9401 State Aid to Regional Libraries $11,516,000 $11,861,480
7000-9402 Talking Book Library (Worcester) $468,217 $482,264
7000-9406 Talking Book & Machine Lending (Perkins) $2,665,800 $2,745,774
7000-9501 State Aid to Public Libraries $10,059,081* $12,000,000
7000-9506 Library Technology & Resource Sharing $4,259,000 $4,386,770
7000-9508 Center for the Book $200,000 $225,000
TOTAL: $30,500,228 $33,281,164

* Includes $158,000 in earmarks.

Capital Projects

The MBLC provides access to capital funds for building renovation, construction and repair via the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program.  The agency is currently able to provide up to $20,000,000 out of the bond each year for approved projects.

The current funds were authorized by 2014 Chapter 237, An Act Providing For Capital Facility Repairs and Improvements For The Commonwealth

Board of Library Commissioners.

For a program of grants to cities and towns for approved public library projects pursuant to sections 19G to 19J, inclusive, of chapter 78 of the General Laws; provided,  that $500,000 shall be expended by the board of library commissioners for the administrative costs directly attributable to the projects funded in this item, including the costs of temporary personnel; provided further, that no permanent personnel shall be compensated from this item; provided further, that the board shall file an annual spending plan with the executive office for administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means which details, by subsidiary, all temporary personnel and administrative costs charged to this item; provided further, that the grant for the reconstruction, renovation and rehabilitation of the Chester C. Corbin Library in the town of Webster shall be 75 per cent of the total project cost authorized pursuant to said section 19G of said chapter 78; and provided further, that $1,200,000 shall be expended for the construction and renovation associated with the relocation of the Taft Public Library in the town of Mendon

For More Information

Mary Rose Quinn, Head of State Programs
617-725-1860 x220
(in Massachusetts) 800-952-7403 x220