What is a strategic plan?
A strategic plan sets the goals and objectives that a library, network, or other organization wants to focus on during a multi-year timeframe, usually 3 to 5 years. It is intended to help the institution move towards meeting its overall mission and vision. The MBLC recommends that every library maintain an up-to-date strategic plan as a management best practice.

Who - and what - is involved?
A well-constructed strategic plan requires roughly 3-6 months of information gathering, analysis and reflection. It should involve all members of the community served by the library.

The Massachusetts Library System (MLS) offers strategic planning workshops and resources for libraries of all types.

Grant eligibility
In order to be eligible for construction or LSTA direct grants from the MBLC, libraries need to have a current, approved strategic plan on file. It is not a requirement for state aid or other programs offered by the agency. When applying for a LSTA direct grant, libraries may be granted an extension of up to two years beyond a strategic plan’s end date in certain circumstances. This extension is granted at the discretion of the Head of Library Advisory and Development. No extension is available for libraries seeking construction grants.

Filing a Plan
Send strategic plans (due October 1st) and action plans (due December 1st) to

Looking for a library planning & design grant or information on planning for a library construction project?
Looking for resources on developing a disaster preparedness plan?

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