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from the Social Law Library, Massachusetts Trial Courts, Access to Justice Commission, and Partners

GUIDE Legal Reference Overview
Maintained by the MBLC, this guide contains materials related to the collaboration between the Social Law Library, the Trial Court Law Libraries, the Court Service Centers, other partners, and the MBLC.

WEBINAR Providing Access to Justice for Public Library Patrons
Recorded February 2021
Both the statewide Law Libraries and the Court Service Centers of the Massachusetts Trial Courts are busy providing assistance to local attorneys, self-represented litigants and the courts serving your community. The same services are also available to both public librarians and members of the public throughout the Commonwealth—even in the midst of the pandemic.

WEBINAR Court Service Centers: What Public Librarians Should Know
Recorded June 2019
This webinar introduces libraries to the Court Service Centers (CSCs) and their wide range of services, with care to describe their limitations so that self-represented litigants will know what to expect.

WEBINAR Legal Reference and Beyond for Public Librarians
Recorded Fall 2018
A recorded webinar hosted by Robin Bates, Kathy Ludwig, and Barbara Schneider of the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries providing Legal Reference Training and Beyond to Public Librarians.

WEBINAR Social Law Library Database Training for Public Libraries
Recorded December 2017
This recording features Reference Attorney Jessica Jones, who walks public librarians through the use of the Social Law Library's 30+ legal research databases and how to use these resources to find answers to common patron questions.


State Aid to Public Libraries

Recorded June 2020
An explanation and instructions for the Annual Report Information Survey (ARIS), hosted by State Aid Specialist Liz Babbit

WEBINAR Waiver Webinar
Recorded August 2020
Information on the waiver process for state aid applications.

WEBINAR State Aid Webinar
Recorded August 2020
An overview of the state aid process from State Aid Specialist Liz Babbit.


WEBINAR Library Space: A Planning Resource for Libraries
Recorded December 10, 2020
A recording of the virtual Guided Tour of Library Space and the Pandemic Addendum with Lauren Stara, Lan Ying Ip, and Andrea Bunker. It includes a presentation of the materials and a Q&A with attendees. A transcript of the chat is also available for download.


Building Literacy Podcast
Hosted by: Lauren Stara and Andrea Bunker, MBLC Library Construction Specialists
This Massachusetts-focused podcast is for librarians, trustees, and local officials who are exploring or undertaking a renovation, expansion, or new construction project for their library.

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