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98 North Washington St., Suite 401
Boston, MA 02114 • Directions
 617-725-1860 • 800-952-7403 (in Massachusetts)
Fax: 617-725-0140

Management Team

James Lonergan, Director
Tracey Dimant, Head of Operations & Budget
Mary Rose Quinn, Head of State Programs/Government Liaison
Ruth Urell, Head of Library Advisory & Development

MBLC Staff

Liz Babbitt
State Aid Specialist
800-952-7403 x227

Celeste Bruno
Communications Director
800-952-7403 x208

Kate Butler
Electronic Services Specialist
800-952-7403 x253

Amy Clayton
Administrative Coordinator
800-952-7403 x228

Terry D'Angelo
Administrative Assistant / Business Office
800-952-7403 x247

Tracey Dimant
Head of Operations & Budget / Business Office
800-952-7403 x215

Ann Downey
Systems Analyst
800-952-7403 x217

Lyndsay Forbes
Project Manager & Grants Specialist
800-952-7403 x252

Susan Gibson
800-952-7403 x219

Paul Kissman
Library Information Systems Specialist
800-952-7403 x238

James Lonergan
800-952-7403 x222

Rachel Masse
Assistant to the Director
800-952-7403 x218

Uechi Ng
Administrative Assistant / State Aid
800-952-7403 x229

Maryellen Osborne
Contract Specialist
800-952-7403 x241

Matthew S. Perry
Outreach Coordinator
800-952-7403 x240

Shelley Quezada
Consultant to the Unserved
800-952-7403 x235

Mary Rose Quinn
Head of State Programs / Government Liaison
800-952-7403 x220

Lauren Stara
Library Building Specialist
800-952-7403 x245

Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
Preservation Specialist
800-952-7403 x236

Ruth Urell
Head of Library Advisory & Development
800-952-7403 x237

Rosemary Waltos
Library Building Specialist
800-952-7403 x246

Sharon Zitser
Administrative Assistant / Library Advisory and Development
800-952-7403 x250


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