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Name: Archives and Special Collections
Special Collection Contact(s):
  Daria D'Arienzo, Archivist of the College (413)542-2299 ddarienzo@amherst.edu John Lancaster, Curator of Special Collections (413)542-2299 jlancaster@amherst.edu
Hours: M-F 9:00AM-NOON; 1:00PM-4:00PM
Collections: 162
Formats: 2,500 linear feet of manuscripts 2,500 linear feet of archives 40,000 volumes of monographs 50 volumes of newspapers 200 maps 100,000 photographs 50,000 volumes of pamphlets 50 disks of electronic records 100 reels of microforms 600 audio tapes 25 video tapes 30 volumes of oral histories 60 8mm. motion picture reels 60 16mm. motion picture reels 1,000 ephemera 500 linear feet of realia/artifacts
Collection Description:
  Amherst College Archives & Special Collections Finding Aids (Finding Aid)
Richard Aldridge (AC 1952) "Poetry Amherst" Papers 1971-1972 (Finding Aid)
Allman Papers, 1969-1970 (Finding Aid)
Alumni Biographical Files, 1821- (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Calendars Collection, 1880s-[ongoing] (bulk 1900-1950) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Curriculum Reports Collection, 1938-ongoing (bulk 1938-1984) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Financial Records ca. 1830-1952 (bulk ca. 1860-1921) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Fire Department Records, 1942-1948, 1997 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Library Bookplates Collection, 1828-1989 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College News Bureau News Releases, 1948-1984 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Weather Station Records, 1835-1924, 1948- (Finding Aid)
Amherst Summer School Collection, 1878-1906 (Finding Aid)
Class Albums Collection, 1853-1909 (Finding Aid)
Commencement Collection, 1822- (Finding Aid)
Degrees and Honors Collection, 1825- (Finding Aid)
Inaugurations Collection, 1821-present (Finding Aid)
News Clippings Concerning the Resignation of President Alexander Meiklejohn, 1923-1924 (Finding Aid)
New Year Greeting Cards Collection, 1921-ongoing (Finding Aid)
Reunion Trophy Material, 1873-1955 (Finding Aid)
Salutations Collection, ca. 1920-ongoing (Finding Aid)
Affirmative Action Committee Records, 1972-1997 (Finding Aid)
Alumni Office Historical Records, 1848-1955 (Finding Aid)
Alumni Office Public Records, 1922-1992 (Finding Aid)
Botany Department Papers, 1930-1936 (Finding Aid)
Class of 1902 Papers, 1932-1967 (Finding Aid)
English Department Records, 1879-1977 (bulk 1930s-1960s) (Finding Aid)
Catalogue of the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics, 1903-1933 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Library History Collection, 1850-1987 (bulk 1850-1965) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Library Records, 1833-1977 (bulk 1876-1933) (Finding Aid)
Friends of the Amherst College Library Records, 1938- (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Centennial Collection, 1919-1921 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Coeducation Collection, 1870-1997 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Early History Collection, 1815-1991 (bulk 1815-1849) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Kennedy Convocation Collection (Oct. 26, 1963), 1962-1988 (bulk 1962-1963) (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Office of Public Affairs Slide Images, 1980-1990 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Olio, 1928, Photographs and Papers, 1925-1928 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Oral History Project Records, 1978-1982 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College War Materials Collection, 1826-1999 (Finding Aid)
Amherst College Women Records, 1912-1976 (Finding Aid)
Joseph Amiel Papers, 1956-1993 (Finding Aid)
John H. Armstrong Papers, 1932-1974 (bulk 1950-1960) (Finding Aid)
Ingham C. Baker Papers, 1916-1919 (Finding Aid)
Ball Family Papers, ca. 1869-1931 (Finding Aid)
George Bellows Papers, 1899-1962 (bulk 1905-1929) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
William P. Bigelow Papers, 1867-1941 (Finding Aid)
Osmond Jesse Billings Sermons, 1906-ca. 1960 (Finding Aid)
Walter R.Blackmer Sermons, 1898-1956 (Finding Aid)
Bliss Family Papers, 1850-1981 (bulk 1856-1922) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Marshall Bloom (AC 1966) Alternative Press Collection, ca. 1967-1992 (Finding Aid)
Marshall Bloom Papers, 1950-1999 (bulk 1962-1999) (Finding Aid)
Louise Bogan Papers, 1930-1970 (Finding Aid)
Walter Boughton Papers, 1950-1986 (Finding Aid)
Frank Learoyd Boyden (AC 1902) Papers, ca. 1910-1970 (Finding Aid)
Henry Walcott Boynton Papers, 1897-1939 (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Baily Lefevre Brown Papers, 1930-1964 (Finding Aid)
W.C. (William Crary) Brownell Papers, 1867-1936 (bulk 1870-1927) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Margaret Blaisdell Byrd, New York City Music, Opera and Theatre Scrapbooks, 1899-1962 (Finding Aid)
Curtis Canfield Papers, 1929-1981 (Finding Aid)
Ercole Cartotto, Portrait Drawings of Selected Amherst College Alumni, Faculty and Administration, ca. 1930 (Finding Aid)
Samuel Austin Chapin, Chapin-Kiley Manuscript Collection, ca. 1820-1900 (bulk 1880-1890) (Finding Aid)
Charles Drew House Family Albums, 1986-1992 (Finding Aid)
George Bosworth Churchill Papers, 1883-1925 (Finding Aid)
Sandra Cisneros Collection, 1984-2001 (Finding Aid)
Evans Clark Papers, 1910-1970 (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Clubs and Societies Collection, 1821- (Finding Aid)
Charles W. Cole Papers, 1906-1979 (bulk 1920-1960) (Finding Aid)
Butler Davenport Papers, 1884-1959 (Finding Aid)
Jeffrey Davidow Papers, 1993-2003 (Finding Aid)
Eli Whitney Debevoise Papers, 1949-1962 (Finding Aid)
Louis P. Dolbeare Papers, 1934-1998 (bulk 1934-1965) (Finding Aid)
Raymond Totman Drew Papers, 1943-1982 (bulk 1943-1972) (Finding Aid)
Harrison Griswold Dwight Papers, 1890-1959 (Finding Aid)
Walter A. (Walter Alden) Dyer Papers, 1910-1944 (Finding Aid)
Clarence Willis Eastman Papers, ca. 1935-1955 (Finding Aid)
Benjamin Kendall Emerson Papers, Ca. 1837-1928 (Finding Aid)
John Erskine Papers, 1909-1950 (Finding Aid)
Martin Espada Papers, 1957-2003 (Finding Aid)
William Esty Papers, 1878-1905 (Finding Aid)
Faculty Club Records, 1891-1962 (Finding Aid)
John B. Fairbank (AC 1867) Family Papers, 1817-1922 (Finding Aid)
Daniel B. Fayerweather Will Papers, 1890-1948 (Finding Aid)
N. W. (Nathan Welby) Fiske Papers, 1824-1847 (Finding Aid)
Clyde Fitch Papers, 1867-1986 (bulk 1883-1909) (Finding Aid)
Reginald French Papers, 1930-1977 (Finding Aid)
Alfred Friendly (AC 1933) Papers, 1911-1983 (bulk 1927-1982) (Finding Aid)
Claude Moore Fuess (AC 1905) Material for a Biography of Frank Waterman Stearns (AC 1878), 1868-1941 (bulk 1915-1941) (Finding Aid)
Charles Edward Garman Papers, 1732-1932 (bulk 1862-1907) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Julian H. Gibbs Papers, 1954-1985 (Finding Aid)
Sheriden Gibney Papers, 1920-1992 (bulk 1922-1985) (Finding Aid)
Frederick Huntington Gillett (AC 1874) Notebooks 1871-ca. 1920 (Finding Aid)
Samuel G. Goodrich Collection, 1812-1972 (bulk 1820-1860) (Finding Aid)
William Gooding Hartin (AC 1909) Student Papers, 1907-1909 (Finding Aid)
Laurens P. (Laurens Perseus) Hickok Papers, 1822-1875 (bulk 1830-1845) (Finding Aid)
Hills Family Legal Papers, 1826-1900 (Finding Aid)
Hills Famliy Papers, 1785-1957 (bulk 1853-1910) (Finding Aid)
Edward and Orra White Hitchcock Papers, 1805-1910 (bulk 1811-1864) (Finding Aid)
Edward and Mary Judson Hitchcock Family Papers, 1840-1962 (bulk 1850-1911) (Finding Aid)
Arthur John Hopkins Papers, 1846-1939 (Finding Aid)
Luther Clark Howell Papers, 1855-1874 (Finding Aid)
Hubbard Family Papers, 1864-1909 (Finding Aid)
Rolfe Humphries Papers, 1896-1992 (bulk 1915-1969) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
William James Family Papers and Sermons, 1808-1888 (Finding Aid)
John Jeffries Air-Mail Letter Collection, 1784-1961 (Finding Aid)
Alan Jenkins (AC 1924) Carl Sandburg Collection, ca. 1938-1970 (Finding Aid)
Marcus P. Kiley (AC 1919) Papers, 1917-1977 (Finding Aid)
Stanley King Papers, 1880-1967 (bulk 1895-1967) (Finding Aid)
Vachel Lindsay Collection, 1924-1933 (bulk 1924-1925) (Finding Aid)
Frederick Brewster Loomis Papers, 1901-1936 (Finding Aid)
Otto Manthey-Zorn Papers, 1906-1959 (Finding Aid)
Allison "Eli" Marsh (AC 1913) Papers, 1915-1979 (Finding Aid)
Dexter Marsh Papers, 1830-1853 (Finding Aid)
John J. McCloy Papers, 1897-1989 (bulk 1940-1979) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Dramatic Activities Collection, 1826-ongoing (Finding Aid)
Mead Papers, 1840-2001 (bulk 1846-1950) (Finding Aid)
William Rutherford Mead Art Museum Records, 1874-present (bulk 1946-present) (Finding Aid)
Alexander Meiklejohn Papers, 1894-1924 (bulk 1912-1923) (Finding Aid)
John C. Merson Papers, 1960-1968 (Finding Aid)
Marianne Moore, Correspondence with Jack W.C. Hagstrom, 1958-1966 (Finding Aid)
Moratoria Papers, 1969-1970 (Finding Aid)
Charles H. (Charles Hill) Morgan Papers on George W. Bellows, 1882-1965 (Finding Aid)
Charles H. (Charles Hill) Morgan Papers on Greece, 1935-1941 (Finding Aid)
Charles H. (Charles Hill) Morgan Papers on Michelangelo, ca. 1960 (Finding Aid)
Dwight W. (Dwight Whitney) Morrow Papers, 1877-1954 (bulk 1900-1931) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Dwight W. (Dwight Whitney) Morrow Papers [Microform], 1877-1933 (bulk 1900-1931) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
James E. Morrow Letters, 1863-1864 (Finding Aid)
Anson D. (Anson Daniel) Morse Papers, ca. 1870-1916 (Finding Aid)
Mount Pleasant Classical Institution (Amherst, Mass.) Collection, 1826-1870 (Finding Aid)
Mount Pleasant Institute (Amherst, Mass.) Collection, 1846-1903 (Finding Aid)
Music at Amherst College Collection, 1833- (bulk 1890-1965) (Finding Aid)
Jo Niijima, Neesima and Uchimura Collection, 1870-2002 (Finding Aid)
George D. Olds Papers, ca. 1870-1915 (Finding Aid)
Edward Smith Parsons Papers, 1883-1943 (bulk 1916-1921) (Finding Aid)
Arthur Stanley Pease Letters to Frederick Tuckerman, 1915-1928 (Finding Aid)
Justin Perkins (AC 1829) Papers, ca. 1830-1869 (Finding Aid)
Calvin Hastings Plimpton Speeches, 1960-1971 (Finding Aid)
Harold H. Plough Anthropology and Evolution Course Materials, 1939-1958 (Finding Aid)
Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers, 1698-1968 (bulk 1800-1950) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Portraits and Signatures Collection, ca. 1825-1900 (Finding Aid)
Pratt Museum of Natural History Papers, 1876-1967 (Finding Aid)
Edwin Charles Rozwenc Papers, 1952-1972 (Finding Aid)
Hugo T. Saglio Correspondence, 1929-1968 (Finding Aid)
Scrapbooks Collection, 1853-1964 (Finding Aid)
Julius H. (Julius Hawley) Seelye Papers, 1824-1898 (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Charles Upham Shepard Papers, 1826-1881 (Finding Aid)
D. George Sherman (1947-1992) Papers, ca. 1965-1992 (Finding Aid)
Snell Family Papers, 1793-1940 (bulk 1835-1870) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Springfield Amherst Summer Academy (SASA) Collection, 1969-1976 (Finding Aid)
William A. (William Augustus) Stearns Papers, 1801-1875 (Finding Aid)
Reverend James Taylor Papers, 1808-1832 (Finding Aid)
William R. Throckmorton research materials on Amherst College alumni in World War II, 1994-2001 (Finding Aid)
Town of Amherst Collection, ca. 1828-present (bulk 1920-1959) (Finding Aid)
Edward Tuckerman Botanical Papers, 1816-1886 (Finding Aid)
James Hayden Tufts (AC 1884) Papers, 1764-1940 (Finding Aid)
John M. (John Mason ) Tyler Papers, 1875-1929 (Finding Aid)
W.S. (William Seymour) Tyler Papers, 1800-1902 (Finding Aid)
U.S. Army Ambulance Service, Section 539 Records, 1917-1941 (Finding Aid)
The M. Abbott Van Nostrand Theatre Collection Music Holdings, ca. 1900-1950 (Finding Aid)
John William Ward Papers, 1952-1985 (Finding Aid)
Noah Webster Family Papers, 1810-1917 (Finding Aid)
Whicher Family Papers, 1874-1949 (Finding Aid)
Dan Wickenden Papers, 1921-1989 (bulk 1953-1979) (Collection Catalog) (Finding Aid)
Wilbur Papers, ca. 1945-1968 (Finding Aid)
Samuel Robinson Williams Papers, 1877-1956 (bulk 1904-1955) (Finding Aid)
Lincoln Wade Barnes Photograph (Negative) Collection (1927-1965) (Collection Catalog)
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Copying: Photocopying permitted at discretion of staff All photocopying done by staff Restrictions on scanners Restrictions on cameras Restrictions on tape recorders Restrictions on use of other equipment
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