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Formats: 12,356 linear feet of manuscripts 5,644 linear feet of archives 30,000 volumes of monographs 187,350 photographs 5,000 reels of microforms 1,600 disks of audio tapes 10,836 reels of audio tapes 3,000 reels of video tapes 1,300 oral histories 200 8mm. motion picture reels 6,131 16mm. motion picture reels 18,000 realia/artifacts 300 reels of 35mm film
Collection Description:
  Index (Finding Aid)
Fritz Alfsen (Adolf Marconini) Papers (1961-1963)
AFL-CIO Records (1955-1968)
Robert Amory Papers (1808-1980)
George W. Ball Papers (1961-1963)
John E. Barriere Papers (1960)
Charles Bartlett (Manuscripts and Oral History)
William L. Batt Papers (1949-1966)
Edwin R. Bayley Papers (1961-1963)
Orren Beaty Papers (1961-1963)
Samuel H. Beer Papers (1955-1962)
Jack N. Behrman Papers (1960-1990)
Samuel E. Belk Papers (1959-1966)
David E. Bell Papers (1947-1980)
Carmine S. Bellino, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
James V. Bennett Papers (1920-1967)
Burton Berinsky Photograph Collection (1960-1968)
Berl I. Bernhard Papers (1958-1972)
Kirk LeMoyne Billings, "LEM" Papers (1937-1939)
Kenneth M. Birkhead Papers (1944-1976)
David S. Black Papers (1961-1969)
Elizabeth Boggs Papers (1962-1965)
Boston Globe Photograph Collection (1910-1963)
Boston Herald Photograph Collection (1912-1964)
Bernard L. Boutin Papers (1958-1966)
James S. Bradshaw Papers (1959-1972)
Stephen G. Breyer Papers (1966-1980)
David S. Broder Papers (1939-1980)
Al & Harriett Brooks Collection, Sound Recordings (1951-1959)
Louis Brownlow Papers (1902-1963)
William Brubeck Files
Gerald J. Bruno, "Jerry" Papers (1958-1971)
McGeorge Bundy Papers (1963-1965); White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
James A. Burke Papers (1959-1978)
Gerald W. Bush Papers (1961-1965)
John E. Byrne Papers (1958-1963)
John Morrs Cabot Papers (1929-1978)
Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Sound Recordings (1965)
John A. Carver Papers (1961-1963)
Gordon Chase Papers (1960-1966)
Abram Chayes Papers (1961-1972)
Alexander Knox Christie Papers (1940-1983)
James Harlan Cleveland Papers (1961-1969)
Clark Clifford Papers (1957-1961)
Chester V. Clifton, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Barbara J. Coleman Papers (1959-1968)
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), Sound Recordings (1956, 1960)
Columbia Records, Sound Recordings (1964-1965)
Columbia University, Bureau of Applied Social Research Records (1963)
Congressional Liaison Office Manuscripts
Frank Cormier Papers (1967-1970)
John Corson Papers (1927-1978)
William J. Crockett Papers (1961-1992)
James Dewey Daane Papers (1960-1963)
Thomas D'Alesandro Papers (1947-1959)
Dorothy H. Davies, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Democratic National Committee Records (1932-1964)
Democratic National Committee Photograph Collection (1953-1964)
Democratic National Committee Sound Recordings (1950-1964)
Claude Desautels Congressional Liaison Office Files and Oral History Interview
Clarance Douglas Dillon Papers (1957-1965)
Paul Randall Dixon Papers (1961-1981)
Joseph F. Dolan Papers (1956-1968)
William L. Dunfey Papers (1952-1968)
Ralph A. Dungan Papers (1961-1977), White House Staff Files (1955-1963)
John T. Dunlop Papers (1962-1986)
Peter B. Edelman Papers (1959-1969)
Robert H. Estabrook Papers (1959-1969)
James J. Fahey Printed Materials (1892-1968)
Bernard B. Fall Papers (1946-1967)
Paul B. Fay Papers (n.d.)
John G. Feild Papers (1961-1963)
Myer Feldman, "Mike", White House Staff Files (1961-1964)
Dan H. Fenn Papers (1960-1980)
Robert P. Fitzgerald Papers (1964-1975)
Ford Foundation Records (1969-1971)
Sanford L. Fox, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Jacob Wayne Fredericks Papers (1957-1973)
Hirsh Freed Papers (1946-1960)
Orville L. Freeman Papers (1960-1963)
John Kenneth Galbreith Papers (1930-1975)
Elizabeth R. Gatov Papers (1948-1977)
Gerhard Gesell Papers (1961-1967)
Kilvert Dun Gifford Papers (1965-1970)
Roswell L. Gilpatric Papers (1956-1967)
Arthur J. Goldberg Papers (1960-1962)
Doris Kearns Goodwin Papers (1863-1986)
Richard N. Goodwin Papers (1961-1963)
Kermit Gordon Papers (1936-1976)
Lincoln Gordon Papers (1939-1970)
Charles E. Guggenheim Papers (1960-1964)
Guggenheim Productions Film Collection (1956-1983)
Guggenheim Productions Sound Recordings (1958-1985)
Milton S. Gwirtzman Papers (1956-1969)
David L. Hackett Papers (1960, 1968)
Edward R. Hagemann Papers (1926-1990)
H. Bentley Hahn Papers (1953-1983)
Lee Hall Papers (1966-1968)
Joel M. Halpern Papers (1957-1991)
Milo Fowler Hamilton Papers (1961-1962)
Nigel Hamilton Papers (1894-1992)
Edward B. Hanify Papers (1965-1991)
John Harllee Papers (1945-1969)
Seymour E. Harris Papers (1954-1961)
William J. Hartigan Papers (1961-1968)
Josiah Johnson Hawes Photograph Collection (1863-1897)
Samuel P. Hayes Papers (1960-1969)
Lawrence Brooks Hays Papers (1934-1966)
August Heckscher, White House Staff Files (1962-1963)
Walter W. Heller Papers (1940-1982)
Ernest Hemingway Papers (1880-1961)
Mary Hemingway Papers (1908-1983)
Hemingway Society Records (1976-1992)
Deirdre Henderson Papers (1959-1961)
Douglas Henderson Papers (1912-1969)
Laurin L. Henry Papers (1960-1961)
Christian A. Herter, White House Staff Files (1962-1967)
A. Leon Higginbotham Papers (1960-1985)
Roger Hilsman Papers (1961-1965)
Historical Manuscripts and Autographs (18th - 20th centuries)
Luther H. Hodges Papers (1961-1963)
Frederick L. Holborn, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Arthur N. Holcombe Papers (1952-1961)
John E. Horne Papers (1962-1968)
Charles A. Horsky, White House Staff Files (1961-1965)
Chester Robert Huntley, "Chet" Papers (1963)
Ronald B. Jamieson Papers (1960)
John F. Kennedy Library Corporation Records (1963-1979)
Thomas M. Johnston Papers (1966-1972)
Kirby Jones Papers (1963-1974)
Roger W. Jones Papers (1961-1971)
William H. Josephson Papers (1961-1966)
Ira Kapenstein Papers (1959-1969)
Stanley Karnow Papers (1961-1975)
Nicholas deBelleville Katzenbach Papers (1962-1967)
William W. Kaufmann Papers (1953-1983)
William G. Kaye Papers (1964-1978)
Carl Kaysen Papers (1948-1976)
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Papers (1983-1988)
Edward Moore Kennedy Papers (1960-1988)
Edward Moore Kennedy Photograph Collection (1961-1976)
Edward Moore Kennedy Film Collection (1961-1980)
Edward Moore Kennedy Sound Recordings (1961-1980)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Personal Papers (1917-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Pre-Presidential Papers (1946-1961)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy President's Office Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Security Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Congressional Liaison Office (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy White House Central Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Bureau of the Budget Bill Reports (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy White House Social Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Miscellaneous Presidential Files (1961-1963)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Papers of the Post-Assassination Period (1963-1965)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy Papers (1920-1969)
Robert Francis Kennedy Papers (1937-1968)
Robert Francis Kennedy Photograph Collection (1925-1969)
Robert Francis Kennedy Film Collection (1964, 1968)
Robert Francis Kennedy Sound Recordings (1960-1968)
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Papers (1896-1975)
Kennedy Family Photograph Collection (1878-1978)
Kennedy Family Collection, Sound Recordings (1940-1960)
Francis Keppel Papers (1962-1963)
Montague Kern, Patricia Levering, Ralph Levering Papers (1961-1979)
Barbara Lynne Kevles Papers (1969-1976)
Valdimar Orlando Key Papers (1933-1963)
Herbert W. Klotz Papers (1952-1963)
Daniel Knapp Papers (late 1950's to late 1960's)
David E. Koskoff Papers (1938-1974)
John F. Kraft Papers (1960-1972)
James M. Landis, White House Staff Files (1960-1961)
Evelyn Lincoln Papers (1952-1965)
Ronald M. Linton Papers (1967-1975)
Literary Manuscripts (20th century) (including Brendan Behan, Robert Frost, Evelyn Waugh, Padraic Colum, Gwendolyn Brooks, and James T. Farrell)
Look Magazine Photograph Collection (1946-1963)
Walter Lord Papers (1962-1965)
Torbert H. MacDonald Papers (1955-1976)
Godfrey T. McHugh, White House Staff Files (1961-1964)
Sterling M. McMurrin Papers (1940-1963)
James J.P. McShane Papers (1957-1968)
John W. Macy Papers (1960-1963)
Magnum Photograph Collection (1939-1968)
Michael N. Manatos Congressional Liaison Office (1961-1963)
Frank Mankiewicz Papers (1962-1978)
Dean F. Markham, White House Staff Files (1962-1965)
Jose Teodoro Moscoso Mora Rodriguez Papers (1961-1964)
"MR" Films Collection (1910-1964)
"MR" Sound Recordings (1911-1984)
Kenneth W. Munden Papers (1963-1968)
Robert T. Murphy Papers (1961-1973)
National Association of Broadcasters Film Collection (1953-1964)
Victor S. Navasky Papers (1966-1971)
Ivan A. Nestingen Papers (1960-1975)
Richard E. Neustadt Papers (1949-1972)
New Bedford Standard-Times Photograph Collection (1946-1963)
New Orleans Times-Picayune Photograph Collection (1960-1963)
New York Times Photograph Collection (1960-1968)
John M. Newman Papers (1960-1965)
David Nunnerly Papers (1969-1971)
Louis F. Oberdorfer Papers (1961-1975)
Dorothy G. O'Brien Papers (1959-1960)
Lawrence F. O'Brien Papers (1960-1972)
Kay O'Donnell, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Kenneth P. O'Donnell, White House Staff Files (1962-1963)
George D. O'Gorman, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy) Papers (1963-1968)
Oral History Collection, Sound Recordings (1964-1983)
William H. Orrick Papers (1961-1965)
John Palfrey Papers (1940-1979)
Frederick Papert Papers (1968-1974)
Endicott Peabody Papers (1942-1976)
Peace Corps Collection (1961-present) (including correspondence, journals, publications, sketches, memoirs, books, poems, project descriptions, and songs)
Robert Perlman Papers (1960-1965)
Howard C. Petersen, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Esther Peterson Papers (1963)
Franklyn W. Phillips Papers (1958-1970)
Leon B. Poullada Papers (1947-1948, 1960-1965)
David F. Powers Papers (1945-1963)
"President's Collection", Photographs (1920-1963)
Presidential Assistants, Sound Recordings (1965-1967)
Press Collection, Photographs (1952-1960)
Don K. Price Papers (1947-1953)
Printed Materials Collection (including: writings by John Fitzgerald Kennedy; books by and about members of the Kennedy Family; biographies of mid-20th century Americans; Kennedy Administration Studies; writings by President
"PX" Photographs, (1894-1984)
Thomas H.E. Quimby Papers (1960)
Scott Joseph Rafferty Papers (1974-1976)
James T. Ramey Papers (1952-1972)
Myer Rashish, White House Staff Files
Timothy James Reardon, "Ted" Papers (1960-1963)
Matthew A. Reese Papers (1960-1978)
John R. Reilly Papers (1955-1968)
Roland Renne Papers (1961-1963)
Richard W. Reuter Papers (1955-1973)
William R. Rivkin Papers (1919-1967)
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation Records (1969-1985)
Chalmers M. Roberts Papers (1952-1971)
John Romagna, "Jack", White House Staff Files (1961-1962)
Robert V. Roosa Papers (1961-1963)
Walt W. Rostow, White House Staff Files (1961)
David Dean Rusk Papers (1961-1963)
David Dean Rusk Sounds Recordings (1961-1968)
Pierre Salinger, White House Staff Files (1960-1964)
Pedro A. Sanjuan Papers (1961-1963)
James Saxon Papers (1961-1976)
Richard M. Scammon Papers (1959-1966)
Arthur M. Schlesinger Papers (1939-1989)
Victoria Schuck Collection, Films (1948-1968)
Victoria Schuck Collection, Sound Recordings (1944-1969)
Abba P. Schwartz Papers (1960-1966)
Glenn T. Seaborg Papers and Records (1961-1963)
James W.D. Seymour Papers (1919-1945)
Walter Sheridan Papers (1957-1972)
Barry J. Shillito Papers (1969-1973)
Robert Sargent Shriver Papers (1948-1976)
Michael F. Skerry Printed Materials (1953-1957)
William L. Slayton Papers (1961-1973)
Benjamin A. Smith Papers (1961-1963)
Frank E. Smith Papers (1960-1961)
Stephen E. Smith Papers (1963)
Steven E. Smith Papers (1968)
Theodore C. Sorensen Papers (1953-1964)
Stephen J. Spingarn Papers (1953-1972)
Drexel A. Sprecher Papers (1945-1960)
Elmer B. Staats Papers (1961-1963)
Elvis Stahr Papers (1938-1967)
Charles Stanton Papers (1963-1973)
Gerald Jay Steinberg Papers (1963-1973)
Gerald Jay Steinberg Photograph Collection (1963-1981)
Philip M. Stern Papers (1953-1972)
Charles J. Stewart Papers (1963)
John S. Stillman Papers (1940-1980)
David H. Stowe Papers (1960)
Stanley S. Surrey Papers (1961-1963)
William S. Swingle Papers (1950-1962)
Tad Szulc Papers (1984-1985)
Television Networks Collection, Films (1951-1983)
Teti / Miller Collection, Photographs (ca. 1966-1982)
James C. Thomson Papers (1960-1966)
James Tobin Papers (1955-1967)
Edward G. Toomey Papers (1968-1972)
Janet G. Travell, White House Staff Files (1959-1964)
William H. Tucker Papers (1961-1967)
Charles Tyroler Papers (1956-1960)
U.S. Agency for International Development Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Bureau of the Budget Records (1961-1965)
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Printed Materials (1961-1963)
U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Civil Service Commission Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Commission of Fine Arts Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Council of Economic Advisers Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of Agriculture Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of the Army Records (1963-1964)
U.S. Department of Commerce Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of Defense Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of the Interior Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of Justice Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of Labor Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of State Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of State Mission to the United Nations Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Department of the Treasury Records (1961-1963)
U.S. District of Columbia Government Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Farm Credit Administration Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Federal Aviation Agency Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Federal Communications Commission Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Federal Mediation & Conciliation Services Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Federal Power Commission Records (1961-1963)
U.S. General Services Administration Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Government Agency Collection, Films (1961-1965)
U.S. Government Agency Collection, Photographs (1934-1964)
U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Inaugual Committee Records (1960-1961)
U.S. Information Agency Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Information Agency Sound Recordings (1961-1965)
U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission Records (1961-1964)
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Records (1961-1963)
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Council Records (1961-1963)
U.S. National Labor Relations Board Records (1961-1963)
U.S. National Mediation Board Records (1961-1963)
U.S. National Science Foundation Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Office of Emergency Planning Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Office of Science and Technology Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Peace Corps Records (1961-1985)
U.S. Post Office Department Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Presidential Railroad Commission Records (1960-1962)
U.S. President's Advisory Commission on Narcotics and Drug Abuse Records (1962-1964)
U.S. President's Boeing Aerospace Board Records (1962-1963)
U.S. President's Commission on Equal Opportunities in the Armed Forces
U.S. President's Commission on Registration and Voter Participation Records (1960-1964)
U.S. President's Commission on the Status of Women Records (1961-1963)
U.S. President's Science Advisory Committee
U.S. Secret Service Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Selective Service System Records (1947-1963)
U.S. Small Business Administration Records (1961-1964)
U.S. Smithsonional Institution Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Tariff Commission Records (1958-1963)
U.S. Tennessee Valley Athority Records (1961-1963)
U.S. Veterans Administration Records (1961-1963)
Joseph Valachi Papers (1964)
William J. Vanden Heuvel Papers (1966-1968)
Vietnamese-American Association Records (1802-1960)
Agnes Von Kurowsky Papers (1918-1985)
Adam Walinsky Papers (1964-1968)
Robert A. Wallace Papers (1959-1964)
William Walton Papers (1964)
James P. Warburg Papers (1920-1969)
Stafford L. Warren, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
James E. Webb Papers (1961-1963)
Edward Weintal Papers (1901-1973)
Edward C. Welsh Papers (1961-1963)
Richard J. Whalen Papers (1955-1978)
White House Film Collection (1961-1963)
White House Photograph Collection (1960-1963)
White House Sound Recordings (1961-1963)
Lee C. White, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
Richardson White Papers (1961-1969)
Theodore H. White Papers (1960-1968)
Jerome B. Wiesner Papers (1961-1973)
Henry Hall Wilson, White House Staff Files (1961-1962)
Joseph E. Winslow, White House Staff Files (1961-1963)
William Willard Wirtz Papers (1934-1979)
Harris Wofford, White House Staff Files (1960-62)
Gregory Baker Wolfe Papers (1968-1974)
Robert C. Wood Papers (1960-1977)
Adam Yarmolinsky Papers (1936-1980)
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Loans: Loans for exhibits only Special loans for certain materials
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