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Formats: 5,000 linear feet of manuscripts 1,065 linear feet of archives 400,000 volumes of monographs 3,000 linear feet of newspapers maps 1,000,000 photographs pamphlets 4,900 reels of microforms 1 linear foot of oral histories 135 linear feet of ephemera log books
Collection Description:
  Active Hose Company No. 6 (1869-1895)
Frank P. Adams Papers (1951-1973)
Addison & William Richardson Papers
Alert Fire Club Records (1847-1862)
Captain C.H. Allen Papers (1864-1890)
John Anderson Papers (1850-1859)
William Page Andrews Papers (1887-1893)
Appleton Family Papers (1780-1857)
Appleton, William & Co. Papers (1836-1860)
Commodore James Armstrong Papers (1858-1861)
Isaac W. Baker Papers (1840-1858)
Thomas Barbour Papers (1940-1945)
Bates & Co. Papers (1807-1895)
John M. Benedict Papers
William Bentley Papers
Aaron W. Berry Papers (1844-1869)
Boston & Hingham Steamboat Co. Papers
Bostonian Society Papers
Captain C.T. Botsford Journal (1860-1861)
Nathaniel Bowditch Papers
Richard L. Bowditch Papers
Ashley Bowen Papers (1728-1813)
F.B.C. Bradlee Collection (1797-1881)
Cyrus T. Brady, Jr. Papers
Branch Church Records (1803-1850)
Oliver Briard Papers (1797-1813)
Benjamin Spooner Briggs Papers (1860-1873)
John Brooks vs. John Andrews (1793-1851)
Francis Brown Papers
Charles Bulfinch Plans of Newburyport Couthouse (1805)
Charles B. Bullard Papers (1821-1823)
Isaac Bullock Papers
Captain S. Burnham Papers
Deacon & Aebion Papers
Edward R. Butler & Sons Records (1940-1973)
Norwood Carleton Co. Papers (1892-1917)
Jonathon Carnes Papers (1800-1815)
William H. Chamberlain Papers
Peleg W. Chandler, Admirality Court Cases (1852-1857)
Daniel W. Chester Papers (1868-1883)
Churchill, Brouns & Manson Papers (1824-1858)
Arthur H. Clark Papers (1900-1906)
Edward Strong Clark Papers (1922-1942)
Isaac S. Coffin Papers (1820-1866)
Joanna Carver Colcord Papers (1882-1960)
John Cole Papers (1764-1870)
Charles H.P. Copeland Papers (1943-1944)
Captain James (Cocks) Cox (1799--)
John B. Coyle Papers (1856-1882)
C.A. Cranmer Papers
Eben B. Crocker Papers (1824-1841)
Samuel S. Crocker (1916-1986)
Crowninshield Family Papers (1697-1909)
Benjamin W. Crowninshield Papers (1837-1892)
Benjamin Crowninshield Family Papers (1757-1934)
Bowden B. Crowninshield Papers (1870-1946)
Clarissa Crowninshield Papers (1818-1908)
Clifford Crowninshield Papers (1892-1861)
F.B. Crowninshield Papers (1809-1877)
Francis Welch Crowninshield Papers (1861-1874)
Cruising Club of America Papers
Cruising Information Center at Peabody Museum
Cummins Family Papers (1806-1898)
Charles C. Currier & Isaac B. Shepherd Papers (1824-1834)
Charles C. Currier Papers
Cushing and White Papers (1773-1852)
Cyrus Lawrence Day Papers
Joseph G. Dennett Papers
Charles Hasket Derby Papers (1919-1951)
Elias Hasket Derby Papers (1794-1825)
Richard Derby Papers (1748-1797)
Deveraux Family Papers (1788-1878)
Dimond Family Papers (1815-1859)
Pickering Dodge Papers
Dorr Family Papers (1781-1865)
George Francis Dow Papers
Mary Drebit Papers (1940-1944)
S. Drinker Papers (1839-1840)
Captain William Driver Papers (1831--)
William Driver Papers
Thomas C. Dudley Papers (1853-1856)
Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau Papers (1647-1791)
James H. Duncan Papers (1888-1910)
John Henry Eagleston Papers (1831--)
East India Marine Society (1799-1959)
Dr. Thomas Eaton Papers (1831-1860)
Eliza & Samuel Endicott Papers (1790-1860)
William Endicott Papers
Engine Co. No. 2 Records (1788-1864)
Enterprise Fire Club Records (1810-1870)
Essex Book and Print Club Papers
Essex (Frigate) Papers (1798-1974)
Essex Institute Local History Class Records (1894-1906)
Everest Collection (1749-1872)
Frank B. Fabens Papers (1833-1856)
Charles Edey Fay Papers
John P Felt Papers
Fernald and Petigrew Shipyard Papers (1840-1865)
F. & A. Filicchi Papers (1825-1900)
First Unitarian Church of Peabody Records (1826-1947)
Forbes Whaling Pictures
Johann Reinhold Forster Papers (1768-1786)
Henry Fowler Papers (1829-1846)
Josiah Fox Papers (1807-1987)
Franklin S. Phelps & Co. Insurance Brokers Papers (1862-1876)
Captain George Fraser Papers
George Frizzell Papers (1933-1935)
A.P. Gardner Papers (1801-1886)
Captain James Gillis Papers (1821-1833)
Globe (ship) Papers (1824--)
Samuel G. Glover (ship) Papers
T.A. Goddard Papers (1824-1867)
Goodhue & Leech Papers (1800--)
Samuel A. Goodhue Papers (1918-1922)
Albert Gardner Goodwin Papers (1802-1887)
William H. Green Papers (1845-1888)
Grew Family Papers (1777-1866)
Hale Papers (1760-1855)
Henry Hall Papers (1863-1891)
Charles Hammatt Papers (1823-1825)
Haraden Hammond Papers (1880-1870)
John L. Harris Papers (1817--)
Henry B. Hastings Papers (1867-1887)
Ebenezer & William Hathorne Papers (1813-1822)
Augustine F. Heard Papers (1854-1865)
George Washington Heard Papers (1859--)
Hemenway Papers (1793-1922)
J.B. Hildreth Papers (1822-1873)
Jacob Hiler Papers (1820-1830)
Hodges Family Papers (1830-1831)
Samuel Hodges, Jr. Papers (1818-1821)
Hoyt Family Papers (1862-1869)
Joshue Humphreys Papers
T.F. Hunt Papers (1858-1875)
Independent Congragational Church in Barton Square Papers
Willard Jackson (list of vessels & scenes photographed)
Lawrence W. Jenkins Papers (1743-1823)
John Coffin Jones Papers (1826-1837)
Coan Jordan Papers (1853-1914)
Rishworth Jordan Papers (1817-1850)
William Kent Papers (1771-1784)
David King, Jr. Papers (1858-1860)
Rebecca Kinsman (Mrs. Nathaniel) Papers (1847-1849)
Allen H. Knowles Papers (1855-1874)
Winslow L. Knowles Papers (1846-1863)
Barnabas C. Knox Papers (1806-1858)
Knox Papers (1856--)
Robert Knox, Jr. Papers (1821-1848)
Robert Knox, Sr. Papers (1796-1875)
Samuel R. Knox Papers (1828-1880)
James Koopman Papers (1846-1874)
Captain Benjamin Larcom Papers
William and David Lecraw Papers (1823-1876)
Charles Otis Lee Diaries (1876-1899)
P.N. Littlefield Papers (1959-1960)
Daniel W. Lord Papers (1832-1876)
Low & Hillard Papers (1836-1844)
Harriet Low Papers (1829-1834)
Richard Allen Low Papers (1844-1849)
Lowell, Putman, Sewall Family Papers
Maine Lubec Papers
Hattie C. Luce (schooner) Papers
Mansfield Family Papers (1850--)
N.B. Mansfield Papers
Marine Research Society Papers
Massachusetts Humane Society (1888-1894)
Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Papers (1892-1909)
Lawrence G. Miller Papers (1938--)
Rear Admiral Monroe Papers
Silas Moody Papers (1809-1834)
Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) Papers (1858-1925) Salem, Mass., zoologist ethnologist and Director of the Peabody Museum of Salem. Papers include letters, diaries, research files, lecture notes and publications which refl
Elizabeth Mosley Papers (1801-1806)
Joseph Mosley Papers (1789-1800)
Henry Moulton Papers (1837-1873)
Captain William Mugford (ship Ulysses) Papers (1804-1805)
Robert Murray Papers (1836-1887)
Museum of the China Trade Papers (1965-1975)
David Neal Papers (1793-1861)
Newburyport Athenaeum Records (1809-1849)
Alfred Vincent Newton Papers
J. Howard Nicholas Papers
Nichols Family
K. Aage Nielsen Papers (1936-1968)
William E. Northey Papers (1921-1930)
Jonathon Oakes Papers (1796-1797)
Leonard Opdyke Papers
Orne Family Papers (1717-1899)
John C. Osgood Papers (1854-1879)
William B. Parker Papers (1820-1852)
W.B. Parker, Jr., W.H. Caulfield & J.C. Nelson Papers (1838-1904)
Charles & Thomas Parsons Papers (1800-1806)
Isaac Peabody Papers (1747-1826)
Joseph Peabody Papers (1803-1820)
Peele Family Papers (1753-1871)
Robert Peele Papers (1773-1821)
Penhallow Papers (1674-1885)
Joseph Perkins Papers (1810-1852)
Nathaniel B. Perkins Papers (1830-1867)
Phillips Family Papers (1636-1897)
James Duncan Phillips Papers (1787-1815)
William Pickering Papers (1703-1799)
Polly (sloop) Papers (1812--)
Arthur Pappey Papers
Charles Dumont Prescott Papers
Lorena Reed Protheroe Papers (1934-1936)
Horace B. Putnam Papers (1852-1888)
Captain Philemon Putnam Papers (1817-1876)
Captain William B. Putnam Papers
Captain C.A. Ranlett Papers (1800--)
Reliance Hose Company #1 Records (1867-1888)
Captain Alexander & Hetty Robinson Papers (1784-1863)
John Robinson Papers (1908-1923)
Daniel Rogers Papers (1799-1811)
George H. Rogers Papers (1831-1833)
John Rogers Papers (1793-1799)
Nathaniel & William L. Rogers Papers (1840--)
Edward D. Ropes Papers (1882-1888)
Samuel Roundy Papers (1794-1839)
Ryan Family Papers
Salem Dispensary Papers (1849-1877)
Salem Freedman's Aid Society Papers (1849-1877)
Salem Marine Society Papers
Michael Shepard Papers (1809-1893)
Benjamin Shreve Papers (1793-1848)
Captain James Silver Papers (1830--)
Captain Joshua Slocum Papers (1894-1897)
Eugene Waldo Smith Papers (1905-1991)
William D. Sobier Papers (1797-1887)
SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) Papers
John William Stark Papers (1810-1826)
Donald Starr Papers
Captain Edward P. Stinson Papers (1850-1892)
Benjamin W. Stone Papers (1841-1868)
Stephen S. Stone Papers (1840-1849)
Abel & Lewis Storey Papers (1780-1939)
Sturtevant Papers (1880--)
Suffolk County Court Papers (1807-1859)
Charles, Edmund, Jacob, & Samuel Swett Papers (1776-1841)
D. Forest Taylor Papers (1930-1940)
Bryant P. Tilden Papers (1815-1837)
R.D. Tucker Papers (1859-1896)
Upton Family Papers (1819-1945)
Union & Naumkeag Engine Company No. 5 Records (1786-1875)
Captain Samuel Varney Papers (1827-1846)
Andrew B. Vennard Papers
Ville du Havre (steamship, wreck of)
Amory Waite Papers (1941-1965)
Daniel Walden Papers (1840-1871)
John M. Ward Papers
Abiel & Abiel H. Wardwell Papers (1808-1821)
Enoch Richmond Ware Papers (1819-1874)
Foster Waterman Papers (1853-1869)
Waters Family Papers (1637-1931)
Richard P. Waters Papers (1831-1939)
Wawona (schooner) Papers (1897-1964)
Timothy Wellman Papers (1798-1825)
Arthur West Papers (1841-1850)
Benjamin A., George & John A. West Papers (1832-1868)
Merle T. Westlake Papers
R.H. Wheatland Collection (about ships) (1830-1837)
Two Brothers (yacht, Wheatland) (1931-1937)
Captain J.D. Whidden Papers
Walter Muir Whitehill Papers (re: American Neptune)
Whittredge Papers (1816-1855)
Thomas Wigglesworth Papers (1824-1868)
John B. & Henry L. Williams Papers (1844-1875)
Joseph Winn, Jr. Papers (1833-1862)
David & Abner Wood Papers (1832-1855)
Francis E. & Joseph Young Papers (1851-1905)
Adjutant's Book (1793-1817)
Allen Family Papers
American Association for Recognition of Irish Republic Papers
American Insurance Co. Papers
American Red Cross, Salem Chapter Papers
John Anderson Papers
John Hancock Andrews Papers
Anti-Slavery Society of Salem Papers
Eben Howe Bailey Papers
Balch & Smith Papers
Baldwin Family Papers
Bartlett Family Papers
Barton Family Papers
Edward C. Bates Papers
Charles A. Benson Papers
John Bertram Papers
Bible Society of Salem & Vicinity Papers
Frederick Ellsworth Bigelow Papers
Ellen Blood Diary Papers
Lucius Diary Bolles Papers
"Boxford Register"
Bowditch Family Papers
Joseph Bowditch Papers
Broad Street Cemetery Papers
Robert Brookhouse Papers
Joseph Vincent Browne Papers
Joshua Burnham Papers
Cabot Family Papers
California Pioneers of New England Papers
Chamberlain Family Papers
Isaac N. Chapman Papers
Chever Family Papers
Frank H. Child Diaries
John Cleveland Papers
Cloon Family Papers
Cloon Hardware Papers
William Cogswell Papers
John J. Coker Papers
Cole Family Genealogy
Conant Family Papers
Benjamin Cox Papers
Benjamin Creamer Papers
Currier Family Papers
Curwen Family Papers
Caleb Cushing Papers
Isaac Cushing Papers
John Newmarch Cushing Papers
Danvers Carpet Co. Papers
Danvers Orderly Book (1811-1838)
John Davenport Papers
Thomas Dean Papers
William Dean Papers
Derby Family Papers
Mary Abigail Dodge Papers
Dorcas Society Papers
George F. Dow Papers
George Driver Diaries
John Drury Papers
Andrew Dunlap Papers
Eastern Stage Co. Papers
Luis Emilio Memoirs
Emmerton Family Papers
Endicott Family Papers
English/Touzel/Hathorne Papers
Essex Agricultural Society Papers
Essex County Community Concert Association Papers
Essex County Insurance Companies Papers
Essex Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Papers
Essex Insurance Co. Papers
Essex Southern District Medical Society Papers
Expliction of Scripture Papers
John Howard Fallon Papers
Farmer's Wife Diary
Father Mathew Total Abstinence Society Papers
Nathaniel Henry Felt Papers
Manuel Fenollosa Papers
First Congregational Church (Essex) Papers
First Parish Church of Newbury Papers
First Spiritualist Church Papers
John Fisk Papers
Philip Diary Fowler Papers
Franklin Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 Papers
French Spoliation Claims
Nathan Frye Papers
Gardner Family Papers
Elizabeth Gerrish Papers
James D. Gillis Papers
Goodhue Family Papers
John E. Goodhue Papers
Gould Family Collection
William Gray Papers
Gregory Family Papers
Hacket Family Papers
Hale Family Papers
George W. Hale Papers
Joseph Hammond Papers
Nathaniel Hawthorne Papers
Hawthorne-Manning Collection
Andrew & William Heath Papers
Samuel Holten Papers
Holyoke Family Papers
Hudson Family Papers
John F. Hurley Papers
Hutchinson Family Papers
Joseph Ingersoll & Co. Papers
Jaques Family Papers
Helen W. Jacques Papers
Dr. Samuel Johnson Papers
Reverend Samuel Johnson Papers
George V. Jordan Papers
J. Francis Kenney Papers
Edmund Kimball Papers
Kimball Family Papers
William E. Kimball Papers
Nathaniel Kinsman Papers (1717-1797)
Nathaniel Kinsman Papers (1798-1847)
Joseph Jenkins Knapp Papers
William Knight Papers
Knights of Pythias Papers
Jean Baptiste Lamarque Papers
Oliver G. Lane Papers
Lucy Larcom Papers
Lee Family Papers
Francis Henry Lee Papers
John Diary Lee Papers
Larkin Thorndike Lee Papers
William Lemmon Papers
Little Family Papers
George Bailey Loring Papers
Lovett Family Papers
Low Family Papers
James Lowell Papers
Dr. John Manning Family Papers
Manning Family Papers
Marblehead Female Humane Society Papers
Marblehead Marine Insurance Co. Papers
Marblehead Transportation Co. Papers
March Family Papers
William Martain Papers
John Mascarene Papers
Massachusetts Steam Navigation Co. Papers
Eugene Mayer Papers
Samuel McIntire Papers
McIntire Family Papers
Merrick Lee & Co. Papers
Merrimack Bible Society Papers
Malcolm Miller Papers
Peter Miller Papers
Jean M. Missud Papers
Edwin V. Morgan Papers
A.B. Morong Diaries
Morrill Family Papers
New Hampshire Iron Factory Papers
Newbury First Parish Church Papers
Newburyport Bridge Corp. Papers
Newburyport Custom House Papers
Newhall Family Papers
James R. Newhall Papers
Annie Nichols Papers
John Nichols Papers
North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra Papers
Northey Family Papers
Henry Kemble Oliver Papers
Oriental Isurance Co. Papers
Samuel Page Papers
Parker Family Papers
Parsons Family Papers
Brackley R. Peabody Papers
George Peabody Papers
Joseph Peabody Papers
Peabody (Mass.) Fire Department Papers
Willard Peele Papers
Edward B. Peirson Papers
Thomas Perkins Papers
Perley Family Papers
Phillips Family Papers
Stephen Phillips Papers
Benjamin Pickman Papers
Pingree Papers
Joshua Phippen Papers
John & Charles Preston Papers
Prince Family Papers
John Prince Papers
David Pulsifer Papers
Putnam Family Papers
Oliver Putnam Papers
William Pynchon Papers
Nathan Read Papers
Relief Fire Club Papers
Remond Family Papers
Stephen Reynolds Papers
Richardson Family Papers
Daniel W. Rogers Papers
Rogers Family Papers
Ropes Emmerton & Co. Papers
Ropes Family Papers
Ropes Memorial Papers
Joseph Russell Papers
Salem Academy of Music Papers
Salem & Boston Stage Co. Papers
Salem & New York Express Steamship Co. Papers
Salem Athenaeum Papers
Salem Charitable Mechanic Association Papers
Salem Christian Endeavor Society Papers
Salem Club Papers
Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society Papers
Salem Female Employment Society Papers
Salem Fraternity Papers
Salem India Rubber Co. Papers
Salem Insurance Companies Papers
Salem Iron Factory Papers
Salem Lyceum Papers
Salem Marine Insurance Co. Papers
Salem Marine Railway Papers
Salem Oratorio Society Papers
Salem Redevelopment Authority Papers
Salem Relief Committee Papers
Salem Turnpike & Chelsea Bridge Papers
Salem Women's Indian Association Papers
Leverett Saltonstall Papers
Samaritan Society Papers
Eli Sanderson Papers
Save Outdoor Sculpture! Papers
Sawyer Family Papers
Richard Shatswell Papers
Michael Shepard Papers
Slisbee Family Papers
Caleb Smith Papers
Snell Family Papers
Social Insurance Co. Papers
Social Library of Beverly Papers
Societe St. Jean Baptiste Papers
Society for th Propagation of Gospel among Indians Papers
Harriet P. Spofford Papers
Stearns & Sprague Family Papers
William H. Stearns Papers
Benjamin Stone & Brothers Papers
Stone Family Papers
Stone, Silsbee & Pickman Papers
Gilbert L. Streeter Papers
Tabernacle Church Papers
The Tavern Papers
Thought & Work Club Papers
Tolles Architectural Collection
Topsfield Historical Society Papers
Townsend Family Papers
John Dexter Treadwell Papers
Trumbull Family Papers
Tucker Family Papers
Very Family Papers
Waite Family Papers
Charles Ward Papers
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward Papers
Ward Family Papers
Waters Family Papers
Henry FitzGilbert Waters Papers
Joseph Gilbert Waters Papers
Joseph Linton Waters Papers
Richard P. Waters Papers
Wesley Methodist Church (Salem) Papers
Richard Wheatland, Jr. Papers
Richard Wheatland, Sr. Papers
John Greenleaf Whittier Papers
Mary Elizabeth Williams Papers
Joseph Winn Papers
Henry A. Wise Papers
John Wood Papers
B.P. Woodman & Co. Papers
Woodwell Family Papers
Young Men's Union Papers
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Directions: FROM THE NORTH: Take Route I-95 South to Route 128 North. Take exit 25A, Route 114 East. Proceed on Route 114 East for approximately 3 miles to Salem city limits. Approximately 3/4 miles after crossing the city limits, take exit for Route 107 (Beverly). Turn right at bottom of ramp onto Route 107 (Bridge Street). Proceed up the hill to the rotary, go halfway around the rotary, and down the other side of the hill. Turn right onto St. Peter Street, stay on St. Peter Street to the end, turn left onto Brown Street. Park in the garage on your right; the museum is beyond the garage. FROM THE SOUTH: Take Route I-95 / 128 North to exit 25A (Route 114 East). Proceed as above. (Or take Route 93 North to Route 128 North to exit 25A if coming from Boston.) FROM THE WEST: Take I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) to Route I-95 / 128 North to exit 25A (Route 114 East). Proceed as above.