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Monographs: "History and Annotated Bibliography of American Religious Newspapers and Periodicals Established from 1730 through 1830", by Gaylord P. Albaugh "How Much Is That In Real Money: A Historical Price Index for Use as a Deflator of Money Values in the Economy of the United States", by John McCusker "Republican Synthesis Revisited: Essays in Honor of George Athan Billias", by Isaac Kramnick, et al. "Prints of New England", by Georgia B. Barnhill "American Sacred Music Imprints, 1698-1810: A bibliography", by Allen P. Britton et al. "Judgment of Experts : Essays and Documents about the Forgery of the 'Oath of a Freeman'", James Gilreath ed. "Printers' First Fruits : An exhibition of American Imprints, 1640-1742, from the Collections of the American Antiquarian Society", by William S. Reese "Under Its Generous Dome: The Collections and Programs of the American Society Antiquarian Society", 2d ed. rev., by Society Staff "Writing the History of the American West" "Needs and Opportunities in the History of the Book: America, 1639-1876", David D. Hall and John B. Hency ed. "Bookbinding in Early America: Seven Essays on Masters and Methods", by Hannah D. French "Early American Bookbindings from the Collection of Michael Papantonio", 2nd ed. "Printing and Society in Early America", edited by William L. Joyce et al. "Descriptive Checklist of Book Catalogues Separately Printed in America 1693-1800", by Robert B. Wimans "Index to the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 1812-1961", by Clifford K. Shipton "Wellsprings of a Nation : America Before 1801", by Roger D. Parker "Bibliography of Songsters Printed in America Before 1821", by Irving Lowens "Dictionary of Colonial American Printers' Ornaments and Illustrations", by Elizabeth Carroll Reilly "Diary of Ebenezer Parkman 1703-1782, First Part, Three Volumes in One, 1719-1755", Francis G. Walett ed. "Chronological Tables of American Newspapers 1690-1820", by Edward Connery Lathem "Angel of Bethesda", by Cotton Mather "Bibliography of American Children's Books Printed Prior to 1821", by d'Alte A. Welch "Bibliography of American Cookery Books 1742-1860", by Eleanor Lowenstein "Calendar of American Poetry in the Colonial Newspapers and Magazines and in the Major English Magazines Through 1765", by J.A. Leo Lemay "William Cobbett and the United States", by Pierce W. Gaines "American Penmanship 1800-1850. A history of Writing and a Bibliography of Copybooks from Jenkins to Spencer", by Ray Nash "National Index of American Imprints Through 1800: The Short-Title Evans" by Clifford K. Shipton and James E. Mooney ( 2 vols.) "Additions and Corrections to Vermont Imprints, 1778-1820", by Marcus A. McCorison "'Mr. Zenger's Malice and Falshood': Six Issues of the 'New-York Weekly Journal,'1773-74", Stephen Botein ed. "Weavers Draft Book and Clothiers Assistant", by John Hargrove "Directions for House and Ship Painting", by Hezekiah Reynolds "Designing a Past for the Present: Women Writing Women's History in Antebellum America", by Mary Kelley "Rise and Fall of the Great American Novel", by Lawrence Buell "Truth or Consequences: Putting Limits on Limits", by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. "History of the Book in Twentieth-Century Britain and America: Perspective and Evidence", by Ian Willison "At Home with History: History books and Women's Sphere Before the Civil War", by Nina Baym "Preparing the Minds of the People: Three Hundred Years of the American Newspaper", by Michael Schudson "Printing, Politics and the People", by Robert A. Gross "American History in Image and Text", by John Bidwell "Frenchness in the History of the Book: From the History of Publishing to the History of Reading", by Roger Chartier "Ideology and Genre: The Rise of the Novel in America", by Cathy N. Davidson "Upon What Pretext?: The Book and Literary History", by Larzer Ziff "American Printing: The Search for Self-Sufficiency", by James M. Wells "On Native Ground: From the History of Printing to the History of the Book", by David D. Hall "Checklist of American Newspaper Carriers' Addreses, 1720-1820", by Gerald D. McDonald et al.
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  Beth Jarret, Head of Acquisitions (508)471-2166 bjarret@mwa.org
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Formats: 1,300 linear feet of manuscripts 800 linear feet of archives 700,000 volumes of monographs 20,000 volumes of newspapers 10,000 maps 80,000 photographs 950 linear feet of microforms 50,000 ephemera pamphlets broadsides lithographs art works engravings
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Directions: FROM I-90 (MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE) WEST: Take Exit 10 at Auburn and proceed on I-290 North to Worcester. Get off at Exit 17 (Lincoln Square, Belmont Street, Route 9) and take a left. From this point on follow signs for Route 9 West. Continue to Lincoln Square, a large intersection with a war memorial. Proceed straight through Lincoln Square, following signs for Route 9 West, leaving the square on Highland Street. Continue straight on Highland Street (Route 9) about 1 mile to a junction with Route 12 (Park Avenue), with a park on the left, Iandoli's supermarket on the right. Turn right onto Route 12 (Park Avenue), proceed about 1/2 mile to the second traffic signal, which is the intersection of Park Avenue and Salisbury Street. AAS is on the near lefthand corner. There is a parking lot at the rear of the building and curb parking on Regent Street. FROM I-90 (MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE) EAST: Take exit 11A (I-495 North). Follow I-495 North to I-290. Follow I-290 West to Worcester, getting off at Exit 18. At the exit, turn right at the traffic light, then go a very short block and take a right at the next light (Concord Street). Go straight through the intersection at the next light, bearing right onto Salisbury Street. Follow Salisbury Street about 1/2 mile to the intersection of Park Avenue (Route 12). The Antiquarian Society is on your left immediately after the intersection. Parking facilities, as mentioned above. Trip will take approximately 70 minutes.