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Name: Sophia Smith Collection
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  Sherrill Redmon, Head of Sophia Smith Collection (413)585-2970 ssc-wmhist@smith.edu
Hours: M-F 10:00AM-5:00PM W 10:00AM-9:00PM
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  October-April: Some Su 1:00PM-4:00PM Some Su 1:00PM-4:00PM
Collections: 450
Formats: manuscripts archives monographs photographs pamphlets 56 sets of microforms audio tapes video tapes 13 linear feet of oral histories 8mm. motion picture reels 16mm. motion picture reels ephemera realia/artifacts 195 linear feet of serial titles
Collection Description:
Crime / Criminals / Prisons
Health (Collection Catalog)
Homosexuality (Collection Catalog)
Music (Collection Catalog)
Population Problems
Prostitution (Collection Catalog)
Slavery / Anti-Slavery (Collection Catalog)
Social Work Archive (Collection Catalog)
Suffrage-United States
Women in the military
Women: Position and Progress
Women's Liberation (Collection Catalog)
Women's Rights (Collection Catalog)
Aged and Aging
Battered Women
Charity Organizations
Jury Duty
Literature, Women in
Physically Handicapped
Postage Stamps
Rural Women
Single Women
Sidney Abbott Papers
Marjorie B. Adams Papers
Jane Addams Papers
Florence Ellinwood Allen Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ames Family Papers (Blanche, Pauline, Evelyn)
Susan B. Anthony Papers
Mary Ann Archbald Papers
Anna H. Askanasy Papers (Collection Catalog)
Josephine Daskam Bacon Papers
Helen Tufts Bailie Papers
Sidney Baldwin Papers
Louise Silbert Bandler Papers
Charlotte Bannon Papers
Mary Sheldon Barnes Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse Papers
Clara Barton Papers
Florence Bascom Papers
Alison Bastien Papers (Collection Catalog)
Annette K. Baxter Papers
Mary Ritter Beard Papers
Patricia Beck Papers
Vera Beggs Papers
Elizabeth Bell Papers
Kathleen Bell Papers
Frances Bemis Papers
Marilyn Bender Papers
Betsko-Koenig (Women Playwrights Collection)
Florence Billings Papers
(Noel) Phyllis Birkby Papers
Blake Family Papers
Ella Reeve Bloor Papers
Bodman Family Papers (Clara, Violet, Ellen-Fairbanks)
Carolyn Adelia Boynton Papers
Gladys M. Bradley Papers (Collection Catalog)
Helen Cushman Bragdon Papers
Katharine Brand Papers (Collection Catalog)
Vivion Lenon Brewer Papers
Brewster Family Papers (Anna, Caroline)
Dorothy Brier Papers
Brown Family Papers
Helen Gurley Brown Papers (Collection Catalog)
Dorothy Hamilton Brush Papers
Louise Stevens Bryant Papers
Bulkley-Shelland Family Papers
Jane Burr Papers
Bush-Brown Family Papers
Jessie Haver Butler Papers
Helen Caldicott Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey Papers
Frank G. Carpenter Papers
Frances M. Casement Papers
Carrie Chapman Catt Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jessie McMillan Chase Papers
Ruth Chatterton Papers
Cheney Family Papers
Penfield Chester Papers
Jean Bokina Christie Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Pierson Churchill Papers (Collection Catalog)
Eleanor Clark (SWA Oral History)
Kate Upson Clark Papers
Clark-Warner Family Papers (Collection Catalog)
Eleanor Coit Papers
Grace Collin Lathrop Papers
Gena Corea Papers (Collection Catalog)
Katherine Cornell Papers
Louisa and Dudley Costello Papers
Bessie Boies Cotton Papers
Pauline Avery Crawford Papers
Frances Crowe Papers (Collection Catalog)
Mary Alletta Crump Papers
Margaret Wooster Curti Papers (Collection Catalog)
Edith Roelker Curtis Papers
Mina Kirstein Curtiss Papers (Collection Catalog)
Nancy Cox-McCormack Cushman Papers
Diana Davies Papers (Collection Catalog)
Charlotte Burgis DeForest Papers
Zelie DeLussan Papers
Agnes Demille Papers
Dorothea de Schweinitz Papers (Louise de Schweinitz Darrow) (Collection Catalog)
Elizabeth Anthony Dexter Papers
Abby Morton Diaz Papers
Madeleine Zabriskie Doty Papers
Frances Adrienne Drake Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ethel Eyre Dreier Papers
Sophie Drinker Papers
Phyllis Duganne Papers
Dunham Family Papers
Dorothy Smith Dushkin Papers
Dwight Family Papers
Eastman-Goodale-Dayton Family Papers (Elaine Goodale)
Catharine Edes Papers
Katherine Asher Engel Papers
Alene Erlanger Papers
May Farquharson Papers
Mary Faulkner Papers
Yonata Feldman Papers
Fanny Fern & Ethel Parton Papers
Polly Feustal Papers
Portia Willis Fitzgerald Papers
Harriet Bliss Ford Papers (Collection Catalog)
Alice Woodard Fordyce Papers
Fosdick Family Papers (Florence, Elinor, Dorothy)
Dian Fossey Papers
Pauline Frederick Papers
Sophie Friedman Papers
Katharine Gabel Papers
Ruth Mehrtens Galvin Papers
Garrison Family Papers (Eleanor, Fanny, Katherine)
Margot Gayle Papers
Katherine Geddes Papers
Virginia Heim George Papers (Collection Catalog)
Carel Germain Papers
Emma Goldman Papers
Florence Cornell Gomme Papers
Grant Family Papers (Collection Catalog) (Images)
Constance McLaughlin Green Papers
Maude Bushnell Green Papers
Norma K. Green Papers
Ruth Tuthill Green Papers
Hale Family Papers
Nancy Hale Papers
Nancy Hamilton Papers
Eva Hansl Papers
Stella Hanau Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jane Harman Papers
Dudley Harmon Papers
Valerie Harms Papers
Jean Struven Harris Papers
Julia Collier Harris Papers (Collection Catalog)
Alice Gorton Hart Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ann Hartman Papers
Constance Ray Harvey Papers
Teresina Rowell Havens Papers
Helen Hayes Papers
Florence Woolsey Hazzard Papers
Carolyn Heilbrun Papers
Ruth V. Hemenway Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Hershberger Papers
Lorena Estelle Hermance Papers
Helen Hiett Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Lois Hill Papers (Collection Catalog)
Eve Hinderer Papers
Hitchcock Family Papers
Florence Hollis Papers
Margaret Goddard Holt Papers
Adelaide Wellington Houghton Papers
Isabel Howland Papers (Collection Catalog)
Hudson Family Papers (Collection Catalog)
Hunt Family Papers (Collection Catalog)
Frances Carpenter Huntington Papers
Alice Ireys Papers
Una Elizabeth Jacobs Papers (Collection Catalog)
Mary C. Jarrett Papers
Lady Caroline Jebb Papers (Collection Catalog)
Linda W. Jenkins Papers
Bertha Johnson Papers
Pessa Kandinoff Papers (Collection Catalog)
Mary Kaufman Papers
Dorothy Kenyon Papers (Collection Catalog)
Helen Paull Kirkpatrick Papers
Florence Kitchelt Papers (Collection Catalog)
Garnet J. Knights Papers
Mary Conway Kohler Papers
Anna Moskowitz Kross Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ina Ruth Hillis Lackey Papers (Collection Catalog)
Martha Lamb Papers (Collection Catalog)
Florence Corliss Lamont Papers
Therese Weil Lansburgh Papers
Clara Laughlin Papers
Martha Lavell Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jean Leach Papers (Collection Catalog)
Eva LeGallienne Papers
Lisa Leghorn Papers
Baird Leonard Papers
Carol Leonard Papers
Lola Maverick Lloyd Papers
Florence Levin Lockshin Papers (Collection Catalog)
Margaret Long Papers
Elmina Lucke Papers
Alma Lutz Papers
Susan Lyman Papers
G.J. Stillson MacDonnell Papers
Jeanne and Norman MacKenzie Papers (Collection Catalog)
Margaret Mahoney Papers
Nell Savage Mahoney Papers
Marie Manning Papers (Collection Catalog)
Dorothy Marsh Papers (Collection Catalog)
Kathryn Marshall Papers
Rosabelle Hines Matteson Papers
McCollester Family Papers (Lizzie)
Rhoda McCulloch Papers
Monica McGoldrick Papers
Marion Meisel Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Mellor Papers (Collection Catalog)
Dorothy Reed Mendenhall Papers
Abby Merchant Papers
Olive Beaupre Miller Papers
Kate Millett Papers
Patsy Mink Papers
Elizabeth C. Mooney (Collection Catalog)
Elisabeth Luce Moore Papers
Clara Morris Papers
Alice Josephine Morgenthau Papers
Ann Miller Morin Papers
Morrow Family Papers (Eliz, Anne, Elis, C.)
Bell Moscrip Papers
Frances Sanger Mossiker Papers
Constance Baker Motley Papers
Marie Munk Papers (Collection Catalog)
Peggy and Joan Murray Papers
Helen Begley Nixon Papers (Collection Catalog)
Grace Nobili Papers
Charlotte Norris Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jessie Lloyd O'Connor Papers (Collection Catalog)
Dorothea Warren O'Hara Papers
Amy Schwartz Oppenheim Papers
Howard Parad (SWA Oral History)
Peabody Family Papers
Sara Willis Payton Parton Papers
Pearce Family Papers (Collection Catalog)
E. Jane (Hanna) Pease Papers
Azalia Peet Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jean Picker Papers
Harriet Pilpel Papers
Eleanora Davis Pim Papers
Frances Fox Piven Papers
Sally Hayes Plaut Papers
Letty Cottin Pogrebin Papers
Marie Brockway Pond Papers
Annie Gertrude Porritt Papers (Collection Catalog)
Sylvia Porter Papers
Beatrice Farnsworth Powers Papers
Lydia Rapoport Papers
Judith Raskin Papers
Helen Appleton Read Papers (Collection Catalog)
Sarah Tinsley Rees Papers (Collection Catalog)
Beatrice Simcox Reiner Papers
Bertha Capen Reynolds Papers
Frances Rich Papers
Ellen Richards Papers (Collection Catalog)
Jane Dupree Richardson Papers
Lola Ridge Papers (Collection Catalog)
Miriam Meyers Ritvo Papers
Jan Roby Papers
Phyllis Robbins Papers
Barbara Honeyman Heath Roll Papers
Ann Rollins Papers
Sally Stewart Ronk Papers
Florence Rose Papers (Collection Catalog)
Phyllis Fewster Rosser Papers
Mabel Milham Roys Papers (Collection Catalog)
Juliet Barrett Rublee Papers (Collection Catalog)
Florence Rena Sabin Papers
Genvieve St. Pierre Papers
Eleanor Sanger Papers (Collection Catalog)
Margaret Sanger Papers
Jean Sanville Manuscripts
Mildred Louise Boie Saunders Papers
Frieda Savitz Papers
Josephine Schain Papers (Collection Catalog)
Pat Schneider Papers
Olive Schreiner Papers
Hilda Schwartz Papers
Schwimmer-Lloyd Papers
Vida Dutton Scudder Papers
Cynthia Proper Seton Papers
Grace Thompson Seton Papers
Caroline and Julia Severance Papers
Eleanor Bernert Sheldon Papers
Florence Slocomb Papers
Edith Crary Smith Papers
Grace Kellogg Smith Papers
Margaret Hepburn Snyder Papers
Jane Sommer Papers (Collection Catalog)
Southworth-Dickinson Family Papers
Grace Spofford Papers
Ellen Gates Starr Papers
Nancy Staver Manuscripts
Margery Wells Steer Papers
Gloria Steinem Papers (Collection Catalog)
Geraldine Stern Papers
Alice Mayer Stetten Papers (Collection Catalog)
Rise Stevens Papers
Candace Thurber Stevenson Papers
Marian Storm Papers
Mary Shannon Strudwick Papers
Grace Stuart Papers
Sturgis-Tappan Family Papers
Gladys Swackhamer Papers
Alice Weld Tallant Papers
Ida Tarbell Papers
Elisabeth Telling Papers
Eleanor Thayer Papers
Caroline Bedell Thomas Papers
Frances Porter Ticknor Papers (Collection Catalog)
Eleonor Ernst Timberg Papers
Anne Burlah Timpson Papers (Collection Catalog)
Townsend-O'Brien-Hoffheimer Family Papers
Florence Tuttle Papers (Collection Catalog)
Ruth Dietrich Tuttle Papers (Collection Catalog)
Upton Family Papers (Eleanor, Margaret)
Mary van Kleeck Papers
Ruth Van Meter Papers
Barbara Pate van Patten Papers
Jacqueline Van Voris Papers
Louise Varese Papers
Martha Voegeli Papers
Emma Elizabeth Walker Papers
Emma Frances Ward Papers
Rosalie Starr Watson Papers
Hyla Stowell Watters Papers
Wead Family Papers (Collection Catalog)
Weston-Allen Family Papers
Jane Whitbread Papers
Jane White Papers
Charlotte Whitton Papers
Ira Solomon Wile Papers
Mary Frances Winston Papers
Helen Witmer Papers
Gladys Fay Wood Papers
Ruth Woodsmall Papers
N. Beatrice Worthy Papers
Alice Morgan Wright Papers
Jane C. Wright Papers
Dorothy Wrinch Papers
Elizabeth Yates Papers
Abe C. Young Papers
Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts
American Council of Railroad Women
American Association of University Women, National
American Association of University Women, Massachusetts Division
American Association of University Women, Worcester
American Association of University Women, Connecticut Valley Branch
Associated Charities of Brattleboro
Association of Collegiate Alumnae (Collection Catalog)
Ausonia Club (Collection Catalog)
Canadian American Women's Committee
Committee of Correspondence
Consumers League of Kentucky
Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
Eastern Association for Physical Education for College Women
Equal Rights Amendment Campaign Archives Project
Focus on Women, Inc.
Headmistresses Association of the East
High Commission on Occupied Germany
Informed Homebirth/Informed Birth and Parenting Papers (Collection Catalog)
Inter-American Commission on Women
International Alliance of Women
International Council of Women
Interantional Women's Tribune Center (Collection Catalog)
International Women's Year/NGO Forum Planning Committees
International Women's Writing Guild
Jean Harris Defense Fund
League of Women Shoppers (Collection Catalog)
League of Women Voters of Northampton
The Lesbian Calendar (Collection Catalog)
Margaret Sanger Research Bureau
Massachussets Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (MAIAW)
Midwives' Alliance of North America (Collection Catalog)
MS. Magazine
National Association of Manufacturers
National Congress of Neighborhood Women (Collection Catalog)
National Order of Women Legislators
National Organization for Women, Springfield
National Society of New England Women
National Society of New England Women, New York Colony
National Women's Health Network
Necessities / Necesidades
New England Hospital for Women & Children (Collection Catalog)
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (Collection Catalog)
Planned Parenthood League Of Massachusetts
Society for Women in Philosophy
Sojourn, Inc.
Tapestry Health Systems, Inc. (Family Planning Council of Western Mass.)
Theatre of Light and Shadow
Thomas Thompson Trust
Valley Women's Center
Virginia Gildersleeve Fund for University Women
Watumull Foundation Papers
Women's Collage Theater
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament / Women's Action for New Directions and WAND Education Fund
Women: a Journal of Liberation
Women and Theatre Program
Women in Theatre Program (Helen Chinoy)
Women's Action Alliance (Collection Catalog)
Women's Africa Committee of the African-American Institute
Women's International Theatre Alliance
Women's Project and Productions
Women's School of Planning and Architecture
Women's Studies Department, University of Massachusetts
Wonder Woman Foundation
Working Woman Magazine
Young Women's Christian Assocaition, National Board
Zonta Club of the Northampton Area
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Copying: All photocopying done by staff Restrictions on scanners Restrictions on cameras On-site filming or photographs by special arrangement only
Loans: Loans for exhibits only Some items available for overnight loan
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