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Monographs: "Arthur J. Stone, 1847-1937: Designer and Silversmith", by Elenita C. Chickering with Sarah Morgan Ross "50 Books in the Collection of the Boston Athenaeum" with an introductory essay by Michael Wentworth "Courage and Conscience: Black & White Abolitionists in Boston", edited by Donald M. Jacobs "The Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Collection: A Catalogue of Books in Native American Languages in the Library of the Boston Athenaeum", by Robert Kruse "Boston Lithography, 1825-1880: The Boston Athenaeum Collection", by Sally Pierce and Catharina Slautterback "Conger Metcalf: A Retrospective", with an introductory essay by Michael Wentworth "A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Collection of the Boston Athenaeum", by Stephen Nonack "Ogden Codman and the Decoration of Houses", edited by Pauline C. Metcalf "A Reader's Guide to the Boston Athenaeum", Ann Wadsworth "Whipple and Black: Commercial Photographers in Boston", Sally Pierce "John Mansfield: A Bibliographical Description of His First, Limited, Signed and Special Editions", by Crocker Wight "John Frazee (1790-1852). Sculptor", by Frederick S. Voss, et al. "Family Bindings: The Books of Hollis Hunnewell and Lisa Hunnewell von Clemm", by Lisa Hunnewell von Clemm "The Last Edwardians: An Illustrated History of Violet Trefusis and Alice Keppel", by John Phillips, Peter Quennel and Lorna Sage "A Continental Eye: The Art and Architecture of Arthur Rotch", by Harry L. Katz and Richard Chafee "Pre-Twentieth Century American and European Painting and Sculpture", by Jonathan P. Harding and Harry L. Katz "French Illustrated Books of the Romantic Period", Peter Arms Wick "Granados and Goyescas", by Norman P. Tucker, Ann Wadsworth, and Pamela Hoyle "The Boston Ambiance", Pamela Hoyle "Citizens in Conflict: Prints and Photographs of the American Civil War", by Sally Pierce and Temple D. Smith "A Climate for Art: The History of the Boston Athenaeum Gallery, 1827-1873", by Pamela Hoyle, Jonathan P. Harding and Rosemary Booth "Americans in Spain: Patriots, Expatriates and the Early American Hipanists", by Norman P. Tucker "The Boston Athenaeum Art Exhibition Index, 1827-1874", edited by Robert F. Perkins, Jr., William J. Gavin III, and Mary Margaret Shaughnessy "The Development of Photography in Boston, 1840-1875", by Pamela Hoyle "Change and Continuity: A Pictorial History of the Boston Athenaeum", by Jane S. Knowles "Walter Muir Whitehill, Director and Librarian, Boston Athenaeum, 1946-1973" "The Letters of Hugh Whitney", foreword by Walter Muir Whitehill "K Equals X and Then Some: A Problem in Identification", by James E. Belliveau "Boston and the Civil War", by Walter Muir Whitehill "Independent Historical Societies", by Walter Muir Whitehill
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Hours: T-F 10:00AM-4:00PM (by appointment)
Collections: 15
Formats: 200 linear feet of manuscripts 200 linear feet of archives 100,000 volumes of monographs 500 volumes of newspapers 500 maps 25,000 photographs 3,000 pamphlets 100 linear feet of ephemera 5,000 prints realia/artifacts
Collections Description: -Confederate States Imprints -Washington Collection (books collected by George Washington during his lifetime) -King's Chapel Collection -Fine Arts Collection -Print and Photograph Collection (includes New England topographical items) -Athenaeum Archives -Gypsy Collection (items belonging to Francis Hindes Groome, an eminent scholar of Gypsy life and culture) -Manuscript Collection (Samuel Eliot, William Tudor, Commodore Isaac Hull, Charles Bulfinch, Alexander Parris, George Minot Dexter, Nathaniel Bradlee, John H. Sturgis, Ogden Codman, Richard Clipston Sturgis, Amasa Hewins, Isas -Author Collections (George Gordon, Lord Byron, John Masefield, T.S. Eliot) -Broadsides (1660's to mid-1960's) -Boston Newspapers (Boston Daily Advertiser, 1821-1902; Boston Daily Atlas, 1832-1861; Saturday Evening Gazette, 1822-1876; Boston Journal, 1865-1903; Liberator, 1831-1865; Boston Post, 1831-1895; Boston Daily Times, 1836-1857 -Fine Printing and the Book Arts -Native American Language and Literature (items from the library of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, avid student of American Indian languages, history and folklore including spelling books, primers, Bibles, dictionaries, compilations -Early United States Government Documents (based in part on the collections of John Adams and John Quincy Adams; reports and proceedings from the first fourteen congresses) -18th and 19th Century Tracts (dealing with controversial religious, historical, and scientific issues) -General Henry Knox Collection
Access: Collection(s) are available by appointment only Access only in reading room, supervised All or part of the collection(s) not accessible Laptop computers and tape recorders allowed with staff approval
Copying: Photocopying permitted at discretion of staff Restrictions on scanners Restrictions on cameras Restrictions on tape recorders
Loans: Loans for exhibits only
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Directions: Athenaeum is located near Boston Common and the State House. The nearest "T" stop is Park Street Station.