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Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
Collections: 950
Formats: 79 linear feet of manuscripts 924 linear feet of archives 643 sets of newspapers 100 maps 5,000 photographs 3,000 pamphlets 5 disks of electronic records 989 microforms 5 audio tapes 5 video tapes 25 16mm. motion picture reels 200 realia/artifacts
Collection Description:
  Records and Manuscripts of the Congregational, Christian, Congregational Christian and United Church of Christ
Local Church Records (Finding Aid)
Missionary, Charitable and other Congregational Organization Records
Papers of Clergy, Missionaries and others in the Congregational tradition
Mather Family Collection
Photographs of Church Buildings and Leading Congregational Figures
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (Biography Files 1930-1970, Prudential Committee Records 1810-1966, Records 1810-1966 with gaps) (Finding Aid)
American Congregational Association (Records 1853 to present) (Finding Aid)
American Education Society (Records 1815-1874) (Finding Aid)
American Friends of the College Cevenol. (Records 1946-1989)
Association of Congregational and Christian Churches of Northeast Pennsylvania
Attleboro, Massachusetts Second Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) (Records 1743-1932 and 1933-1994) (Finding Aid)
Aurora, Nebraska Presbyterian United Church of Christ (Records 1872-1949)
William Eleazar Barton Papers (1888-1930, 1952-1953)
Thomas Hart Benton Papers (1826)
Ohio Conference United Church of Christ Records (late 1800's, 1950-1963, 1964)
Berkshire South Association of Congregational Churches and Ministers
Boston, Massachusetts (Brighton) Faneuil Congregational Church (Records 1903-1976)
Boston, Massachusetts Boston Seaman's Friend Society (Records 1827-1973)
Boston, Massachusetts Bowdoin Street Church (Records 1825-1865 with gaps) (Finding Aid)
Boston, Massachusetts Congregational Church Union of Boston and vicinity (Records 1896-1971)
Boston, Massachusetts Diversity Club (Records 1887-1969)
Boston, Massachusetts Boston Minister's Club Records
Boston, Massachusetts Mount Vernon Congregational Church (Records 1842-1970)
Boston, Massachusetts Old South Church (Records 1669-1986)
Boston, Massachusetts Park Street Church (Records 1804-1976)
Boston, Massachusetts Pine Street Church (Records 1827-1907)
Boston, Massachusetts Union Congregational Church (Records 1822-1948)
Boston, Massachusetts Winthrop Club (includes Minister's Club and Pilgrim Club) Records 1858-1957, 1870-1976, 1906-1983 (gaps) [respectively].
Sarah Bray Letters (1847-1950)
Brockton, Massachusetts Christ Congregational Church United Church of Christ (Records 1738-1962 with gaps)
Jonathan Burr Papers (1806-1828)
Fred S. Buschmeyer Papers (1899-1981)
Iain Colin Gordon Campbell Collection (1928-1985)
William Banfield Capron and Sarah Brown Capron Papers (1830-1876)
Alfred Carleton Papers (1954-1961)
Charlestown, Massachusetts First Church (Records 1784-1880)
Chelsea, Massachusetts Evangelical Congregational Church of Chelsea (Records 1839-1898)
Conference of Denominational Committees on Social Service Records (1911-1916)
Congregational Board of Pastoral Supply Records (1893-1975)
Congregational Christian Churches Commission on the Missions / Missions Council Records (1928-1943)
Congregational Christian Churches Council for Social Action Records (1934-1956)
Congregational Education Society (Records 1816-1956) (Finding Aid)
Congregational Library Small Collections
Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society (Records 1841-1917)
Howard Conn Papers (1936-1986)
Connecticut Valley Congregational Club (Massachusetts) Records (1963, 1978-1988)
Conscientious Objectors World War II Papers (1940-1946)
Convention of Boston Protestant Churches Records (1910-1912)
Corban Society Records (1811-1850) (Finding Aid)
John Cunningham Papers (1845-1916)
Dedham, Massachusetts Riverdale Congregational Church Records (1913-1925, 1941-1992)
Henry Martyn Dexter Collection, Ecclesiastical Councils (1629-1889)
Edward T. and Clara Strong Doane Papers (1865-1890) (Finding Aid)
William Bradford Dodge Papers (1845-1869)
Dorchester Massachusetts Second Church (Records 1845-1869)
Endicott, New York United Church of Christ Church Records (1920-1993)
Frederick Louis Fagley Papers (1923-1955)
Foxboro, Massachusetts Bethany Congregational Church (Records 1779-1974)
Freeport, Maine First Congregational Church (Records 1789-1961)
General Council (Records 1865-1961)
Graham Society Records (1817-1831) (Finding Aid)
Greater Boston Federation of Churches Records (1910-1937) (gaps)
Greenfield, New Hampshire Union Congregational Church Records (1791-1991)
Lillian S. Gregory Collection (1960-1968)
Harwich, Massachusetts First Congregational Church (Records 1715-1974 with gaps)
Hastings, Nebraska German Congregational Emmanuel Church Records (1908, 1916)
Gideon Hawley Papers (1753-1806) (Finding Aid)
Douglas Horton Papers (1915-1942)
Iowa Conference United Church of Christ (Records 1839-1977)
Jaffrey, New Hampshire United Church of Christ of Jaffrey, United Church of Christ Records (1844-1980 with gaps)
Lisle Collection, New York State Records (1806-1977)
Lowell, Massachusetts Eliot Union Church (Records 1830-1955)
Massachusetts Conference, Barnstable Association Financial Records (1977-1990)
Massachusetts Conference, Barnstable Association Records (1792-1854)
Massachusetts Conference, Barnstable County Conference of Congregational Churches Records (1887-1897)
Massachusetts Conference Berkshire Association of Congregational Churches (Records 1759-1960)
Massachusetts Conference Norfolk Association Records (ca. 1811-1935)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony Association of Congregational Churches Records (1915-1931)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony Association of Congregational Ministers Records (1902-1920)
Massachusetts Conference Old Colony Association Records (1905-1990) (Finding Aid)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony Conference of Churches Records (1856-1915)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony Ministerial Association Records (1827-1902)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony Ministers' Union Records (1914-1949)
Massachusetts Conference, Old Colony United Association of Congregational and Christian Churches and Ministers Records (ca. 1930-1970)
Massachusetts Conference Pilgrim Association Records (1811-1984, with gaps)
Massachusetts Conference Taunton Association Correspondence (1849)
Massachusetts Conference Worcester Central Association of Congregational Churches (Records 1909-1956, 1855-1963)
Massachusetts Conference Worcester North Conference / Association of Congregational Churches (1906-1967)
Massachusetts Conference Worcester South Conference / Association of Congregational Churches (Records 1855-1963)
Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society Records (1786-1911, 1948-1954)
Massachusetts Federation of Churches Records (1905-1934)
Massachusetts Federation of Churches Records (1911-1931)
Massachusetts General Association (Records 1805-1891)
Massachusetts Woman's Home Missionary Union Records (1879-1990 with gaps) (Finding Aid)
David McKeith, Jr. Papers (1948-1953, with gaps)
Charles Clarkson Merrill Papers (1938-1960)
Merrimac, Massachusetts Pilgrim Congregational Church (Records 1726-1894 with gaps)
Samuel Merwin Collection (Autographs 1875-1883)
Metropolitan Boston Association Records (1942-1987)
William Miltimore (Sermons 1803-1831)
New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ, Carroll-Strafford Association Records (1854-1976)
Newton, Massachusetts First Church (Congregational) (Records 1773-1972)
Norfolk Conference
Northeastern Pennsylvania Association of Congregational and Christian Churches
Ohio Conference United Church of Christ Records (late 1800's, 1950-1963, 1964)
Ohio Conference United Church of Christ Southwest (Southern) Ohio Association Records (1836-1963)
Ohio Conference Central North Association Records (1852-1950 with gaps)
Ohio Conference Evangelical Protestant Conference Records (1915-1963)
Alan Bowe Peabody Papers (1947-1962)
Albert J. Penner Papers (1924-1973)
Pennsylvania Conference of Congregational and Christian Churches Northeastern Association Records (1925-1991 with gaps)
Pilgrim Fellowship of Congregational and Christian Churches Emblem (1939-1960)
Revere, Massachusetts First Congregational Church (Records 1828-1950 with gaps)
Rhode Island Conference United Church of Christ (Records 1839-1970 with gaps)
Jean Baptiste de Saint-Pe Correspondence (1748-1753)
Frank Scribner Papers (ca. 1936)
Sermons (Manuscripts 1799-1872)
Lydia Vose Buck Snow Collection (1851-1980s; bulk 1851-1890)
Society for the Promotion of Collegiate Theological Education (Records 1827-1877) (Finding Aid)
Spirit of the Pilgrims Records (1826-1831)
Springfield, Massachusetts, Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Records 1881-1998) (Finding Aid)
Temple, New Hampshire Congregational Church (Records 1782-1974 with gaps)
Frank Tishkins Papers (1913-1966)
Harry Edgar Tweedy Papers (1907-1939)
Vermont Conference United Church of Christ Windham Union Association (Records 1775-1931)
Waucoma, Iowa First Congregational Church (Records 1874-1973 with gaps)
Wollaston, Massachusetts, Wollaston Congregational Church Records (1876-1951)
Wollaston, Massachusetts, Wollaston Congregational Church, Woman's Church Union Records (1875-1935)
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