Salem State University, Frederick E. Berry Library

352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA  01970-5348
 (978) 542-6230
: (978) 542-6596


DAY SEMESTER SUMMER MONDAY 7:45am-2am 7:45am-10pm TUESDAY 7:45am-2am 7:45am-10pm WEDNESDAY 7:45am-2am 7:45am-10pm THURSDAY 7:45am-2am 7:45am-10pm FRIDAY 7:45am-7pm 7:45am-5pm SATURDAY 11am-5pm 11am-5pm SUNDAY noon-1am Closed Please see website for exceptions

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  • Dr. Susan Cirillo  –  Dean, Library
  • Margaret Andrews –  Reference Librarian
  • Zachery Newell –  Reference & Intstuction Librarian

Last Modified: 07/23/2021

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