Gordon College, Jenks Library

255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA  01984-1813
 (978) 867-4339


DAY Term Non-Term MONDAY 7:45am-Midnight 8:15am-4:15pm TUESDAY 7:45am-Midnight 8:15am-4:15pm WEDNESDAY 7:45am-Midnight 8:15am-4:15pm THURSDAY 7:45am-Midnight 8:15am-4:15pm FRIDAY 7:45am-9pm 8:15am-4:15pm SATURDAY 10am-9pm Closed SUNDAY 1pm-Midnight Closed

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  • Dr. Myron Schirer-Suter  –  Director of Library Services
  • Beckie Aiken –  Circulation Attendant
  • Lori Franz –  Administrative Assistant/Interlibrary Loan
  • Alec Li –  Technical Services Librarian
  • Naomi McDermott –  Technical Services Assistant
  • Sarah Larlee St. Germaine –  College Archives Attendent
  • Erica Street –  Assistant Director
  • June Taylor –  Evening Circulation Attendant

Last Modified: 07/11/2016

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Paul Kissman, Library Information Systems Specialist
617-725-1860 x238
(in Massachusetts) 800-952-7403 x238