Roman Legionary - Late Republic (Julius Caesar)

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Costumes, Educational Programs, Historical Programs and Characters, Miscellaneous, Museums

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13 - Adult


This presentation is similar to the "Roman Empire" program, but offers a look of the arms & armor from an earlier time period - the  turbulent times of the Great Civil War between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, which brought an end to Rome's Republic and paved the way for the Empire; or the 'Other' Civil War after Caesar's death between Octavian (Augustus) and Marcus Antonius, which brought about Rome's true Empire.

Optionally the presentation can be shortened to 15-20 minutes with time for Q&A.


$290 for 1, 1 Hour program plus mileage including tolls and parking if applicable or; 2+ programs at $400 with mileage included.

Group Size
up to 200

Program Length
30 minutes to 1 Hour

Facility Requirements

1 table for display items, apx. 10 feet square, 12 foot ceiling for movement. Auditorium, gym or classroom (private changing area for classroom requested)

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Reproduction weapons will not be handled by the audience at any time; wooden practice weapons will be utilized and will be under direct supervision by the presenter. Optionally reproduction artifacts such as helmets, armor, wax tablets, etc. may be brought to be examined and handled.

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Andy Volpe: Art & History

Andrew Volpe
34 Douglas Rd
Bldg. B Red Brick Mill
Whitinsville, MA 01588
 (508) 344-5764
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