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Printing Arts: Intaglio 1500 - 1800

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Online Programs: Working on pre-recorded vignettes on major developments in Printing techniques and styles, artistic movements, impact of prints, and other topics.  A pre-recorded Q&A type program is (also) an option.

Gutenberg's movable type and printing press has had arguably the most significant impact on the spread of information and knowledge. Developed alongside the printing press was Intaglio (In-Tah-Leo) such as engraving and etching, which provided a significant number of illustrations and images for all sorts of printed matter. Andy Volpe discusses the impact of the engraved image from the 1400's to the 1800's, and methods used by artists such as Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt, and even Paul Revere, while he prints some of his own copper plates on a small printing press.


Additional fees for mileage, including tolls and parking if applicable, will be applied to total. A minimal additional fee for paper, materials and printing press may be added.

Program Length
1 Hour

Facility Requirements

12 foot square space or larger, Water access, 2-3 tables (ca 6 or 8 foot length banquet) for materials and display items. Please note oil based non-toxic inks and minimal low-odor solvents will be used. Any waste will be taken / disposed of by the prese

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Recent Library/School Appearances by Andy Volpe: Art & History

Boston Public Library - East Boston branch
East Boston, MA

Holden Senior Center (contact C. Nelson)
Holden, MA
 (508) 210-5570

The Oaks mansion (DAR Chapter House)
Worcester, MA
 (508) 797-3530

Peabody Essex Museum (contact M. Winikates)
Salem, MA
 (508) 745-9500

Boston College High School (contact E. Penarubia)
Boston, MA
 (617) 436-3900

Valley View School (contact S. Longvall)
North Brookfield, MA
 (508) 867-6690

Exeter High School (contact E. Ellis, Latin)
Exeter, NH
 (603) 395-2400

Bancroft School (contact H. Hall-Alicandro)
Worcester, MA
 (508) 853-2640

Franklin Pierce University (contact J. Donelan
Rindge, NH
 (603) 899-4000

Rice Public Library (Jennifer Kelley)
Kittery, ME

Oblate Retirement Home
Tewksbury, MA

Old Sturbridge Village (contact Jim O'Brien)
Sturbridge, MA

Performer’s Contact Information

Andy Volpe: Art & History

Andrew Volpe
34 Douglas Rd
Bldg. B Red Brick Mill
Whitinsville, MA 01588
 (508) 344-5764
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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