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Intaglio / Engraving Printing Live Demonstration

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Audience Age
Young children (6-8) through Adults


(Note: This is for a Live, In-Person active printing display)

Andy Volpe researches and prints in the same techniques of the Old Masters and early New England Colonial printers (ca 1470s - 1800) in the art of Intaglio, (Engraving), on copperplate.  

Utilizing a modern metal, but portable, rolling press, Andy invites visitors to watch him work, as well as look through examples of his work & historical replica prints (which can be available for sale).  Visitors can also have a chance to print their own "Certificate" keepsake or decorative notecard (while supplies last). While he prints he can discuss the history of the process, how it was used, and its impact in historical context.  Displays of tools, printing plates, and related materials are included.

Presentation can be for the whole day

Additional options for Andy to be dressed in 1470s, 1630s, or 1770s, and refer specifically to those time periods.


Fee can be negotiated, in lieu for selling art & prints on-site or via visitor donation or other arrangement.

Program Length

Facility Requirements

Printing press & displays requires additional apx. 1 hour for setup & breakdown

Indoors presentation very strongly encouraged & preferred

Ground floor access for display space suggested (unless elevator access is available)

apx. 13 sq. feet footprint required for press and 1-2, 6 or 8 foot long rectangular tables

parking access adjacent to display area requested for set up/break down but not required

outdoor option available, weather permitting, with limited display and equipment  (EZ Up tent can be brought, or, if provided by the site preferred)

Inks & chemicals are "non-toxic", ink is oil-based (boiled linseed oil, mineral oil); rubbing alcohol, odorless paint thinner, mineral oil used for cleanup in miniscule amounts.  Trash and ink waste are taken by the presenter.  Dropcloth for floors available upon request.  

Last Modified


Photos of previous setups and presentations available upon request


Recent Library/School Appearances by Andy Volpe: Art & History

Holden Senior Center (contact C. Nelson; Roman Legionary and Medieval Artist programs)
Holden, MA

The Oaks mansion (Daughters of the American Revolution Bigelow Chapter House; Paul Revere / Intaglio Printmaking demos)
Worcester, MA

Peabody Essex Museum (contact M. Winikates; Medieval Artist hands-on display)
Salem, MA

Boston College High School (contact E. Penarubia; Roman Legionary programs)
Boston, MA

Valley View School (contact S. Longvall; Roman Legionary programs)
North Brookfield, MA

Exeter High School (contact E. Ellis, Latin; Roman Legionary programs)
Exeter, NH

Bancroft School (contact H. Hall-Alicandro; Medieval Artist program)
Worcester, MA

Franklin Pierce University (contact J. Donelan; Roman Legionary and Medieval Artist)
Rindge, NH

Rice Public Library (Jennifer Kelley; Roman Legionary)
Kittery, ME

Oblate Retirement Home (Roman Legionary program)
Tewksbury, MA

Old Sturbridge Village (contact Jim O'Brien; Printmaking/Intaglio Printing demonstrations)
Sturbridge, MA

Leach Library (contact: Donna Plante; Roman Legionary program)
Londonderry, NH

American Inn Retirement Living (contact: Elizabeth Demerski; Roman Legionary program)
Southwick, MA

Mashantucket Pequot Museum (Printmaking in New England 1600-1770 demonstration)
Ledyard, CT

Storrs Library
Longmeadow, MA

Performer’s Contact Information

Andy Volpe: Art & History

Andrew Volpe
34 Douglas Rd
Bldg. B Red Brick Mill
Whitinsville, MA 01588
 (508) 344-5764
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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