605 CMR 2.00: Adopting Administrative Regulations

2.01: Petition for Adoption of Regulations

Any interested person or his attorney may at any time petition the Board to adopt, amend, or repeal any regulation. The petition shall be addressed to the Board and sent to the secretary by delivering it during normal business hours. All petitions shall be signed by the petitioner or his attorney, contain his address or the address of his attorney, and set forth clearly and concisely the text of the proposed regulation. The petition may be accompanied by any supporting data, views or arguments.

2.02: Initial Procedure to Handle Recommended Regulations

Upon receipt of a petition for the adoption, amendment or repeal of a regulation submitted pursuant to 605 CMR 2.01 or upon written recommendation by a member of the Board that a regulation be adopted, amended or repealed, the Board shall consider the petition or recommendation at its next scheduled meeting and shall, thereupon, determine whether to schedule the petition or recommendation for further proceedings in accordance with the Board of Library Commissioners policies currently in effect.