Understanding the Strategic Plan

The process and what we learned from it

The strategic plan is a living document that will evolve as circumstances change. It was developed on the basis of a participatory process involving MBLC Commissioners and staff as well as a broad and diverse group of representatives from throughout the statewide system of libraries and library support organizations.

The core messages in the stakeholder input gathered to inform planning were:

  1. Concerns about funding, especially the unpredictable future of federal funding;
  2. The need for greater clarity about roles and responsibilities within the statewide system of library support organizations;
  3. The need for leadership that can promote and catalyze greater coordination and alignment throughout the statewide system;
  4. Opportunities, through partnerships at the state and local level, to expand the reach and impact of libraries in their communities.

The right plan at the right time

The plan focuses on state-level leadership, alignment, partnership, clarity, and accountability, rather than specific plans for specific programs, because creating a more highly functioning and aligned statewide system must come first.

Primary themes of the MBLC strategic plan are:

  1. A strong and proactive leadership role for the MBLC in the library community;
  2. Establishing greater clarity regarding the roles within the statewide system of support for libraries;
  3. Guidelines for creating state-level partnerships that broaden the role and impact of libraries;

What we’re all about 

The plan includes a revised mission stressing the MBLC’s leadership role, a vision of libraries and of the statewide system that functions as a definition of long-term success, and a set of guiding principles for MBLC programs that define the role and approach of the MBLC.

What we do and where we’re headed has deep roots in our past

The MBLC’s current programs and initiatives have long-standing historical roots, then and now driven by a passionate desire to respond effectively to the real and evolving needs of local communities throughout the state. The MBLC has built on its rich historical legacy in ways that are forward looking, innovative, and responsive to community needs.

Today, the MBLC implements, promotes, and advocates for a broad range of programs and services that support quality and equity in library services throughout the Commonwealth. These program activities can be grouped into the following categories; greater detail on each is provided in the links below: 

For more information, please see the strategic plan document.

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