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Manager of Technical Services and Collection Development, Springfield City Library (Springfield)

Responsible for administrative and technical work in directing all activities of the Library Department’s Technical Services and Collection Development operations. Work is performed with professional administrative judgment and decision in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Library Department, with review by the Library Director who reviews work through reports and conferences. Supervision is exercised over all assigned personnel.

Essential Functions include the following, with more listed on the City of Springfield's website (link below):

Essential Functions 

Implements collection development policy through the coordination of collection responsibilities of selectors. Works in conjunction with selectors and other personnel as necessary to coordinate selection process. Coordinates system-wide collection development projects.
Reviews current collection development policy through the coordination of collection responsibilities of selectors.
Reviews current collection development policies and procedures. Investigates, evaluates and recommends alternatives as necessary to improve standards. Coordinates revision of collection development policy upon completion of each new long-range plan.
Analyzes collection needs and recommends material funds allocations accordingly. Monitors materials budget spending and consults with individual sectors to ensure efficient spending. Coordinates library’s participation in Massachusetts Regional Library Materials Cooperative. Negotiates with vendors for price and service.
Manages branch collection selection, development, and maintenance within approved budgetary limitations and analyzes circulation trends and makes appropriate recommendations. Reviews selections and monitors budget performance, evaluates branch collection, removes outdated or unused materials, reorders replacements, and orders materials to supplement collection.
Supervises and hires, trains, directs, assigns, and checks work of subordinates as to organization policies and procedures, methods and practices, standards of performance, and other matters affecting their work. Detects substandard performance and takes corrective action within the limits of established Library policy.
Evaluates performance of staff members, maintains good personnel relations and consults with supervisor regarding personnel or other matters affecting subordinates. 
Keeps abreast of developments and technological advances in the library field, current events, popular reading interests, and other issues necessary to maintain awareness of public information needs. Conducts informal training of other personnel to increase awareness of methods and procedures.
Oversees all operations of the Technical Services Department, planning, developing and implementing methods and procedures for regular department work and special projects. Ensures department services and functions meet established standards, objectives and goals.
Acts as coordinator for integrated online system as it relates to acquisitions, circulation and bibliographic control. Confers with other managers, library administration, and network staff in establishing and testing methods and procedures for related automated systems; represents library at meetings, such as C/W MARS. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of information provision theory and practice.
Extensive knowledge experience in library collection development practices.
Thorough knowledge of library technical services.
Ability to demonstrate vision, strategic thinking, collaboration and inclusive leadership skills, flexibility and adaptability and a willingness to embrace and drive change.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Creative problem solving skills.
Ability to recognize and set priorities and to use initiative and independent management decision-making.
Ability to coordinate, organize, direct, motivate, and evaluate public service staff.
Knowledge of and proven experience applying effective management practices and principles, strategic planning and project management. 

Education and Experience 

Bachelor’s degree and completion of an American Library Association accredited Master of Library Science.
Five years of experience in a library environment with management in an urban, multi-branch public library that demonstrates thorough knowledge of public and technical services, including library collections, cataloging, reference, service delivery technology and service evaluation.

Full/Part Time

Full Time




$62,849.28 Annually

Closing Date

Monday, 10/19/2020 11:59 PM Eastern

How to Apply

Apply on the City of Springfield's website:

Be sure to upload a compelling cover letter.

The City has a residency requirement. New hires must be residents of Springfield within one year of the date of hire, and maintain city residency.


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