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Library Director, Dedham Public Library (Dedham)

Library Director

The Director of the Dedham Library sets the positive direction and tone for the two libraries in Dedham.  As the head of a vital organization that is open, inclusive, energetic, and simultaneously responsive and proactive, the Director both serves the community and invites it to participate in programs and utilize the variety of services offered.  The job will benefit from interpersonal, financial, strategic, critical-thinking, and communication skills. 

Job Goal: 

The Library Director serves as administrator of the town’s public library system.  They are responsible for the implementation of library policies established by the Trustees and for leadership to improve public library services to the community.  The Director performs managerial duties related to budget, collection development, building maintenance, library services, programming, and personnel, including assisting the Town Manager and Human Resources Director in collective bargaining and grievance resolution.

The Director reports to the Trustees and works regularly with the Town Manager.  Working from policies and objectives developed with the Trustees, the Director is responsible for establishing short- and long-range objectives.  The Director consults with the Trustees when clarification, interpretation, or exception to policy may be required and with the Town Manager when needed.  The Director formulates program goals and coordinates efforts between the library and other town departments.  An annual review will be conducted by the Trustees.

The Director is responsible for leading and working collaboratively with staff to deliver high-quality services and programming.  The Director formulates program goals.  The Director is responsible for analyzing library operations, allocating available funds and staff, and reporting periodically on their achievements.  The Director is responsible for the hiring and supervision of employees, and coordination of all staff development and training activities.  The Director is currently responsible for full time and part-time employees of both union and non-union status.

Salary/Benefits: According to Individual Contract

Essential Functions of the Job

The essential functions of duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, a logical assignment to the position or part of the position’s function as a part of an overall municipal team to ensure effective and efficient municipal operations.

Planning and Vision Setting

●       Stays current with developments in the library field.  Studies community and national trends and evaluates their relation to the library.  Recommends plans for library growth that include measurable goals and objectives. 

●      Together with the Board of Trustees, helps to define the library’s mission and vision; constantly evaluates library services in relation to the community’s changing needs.

●       Advises, consults, and confers with Trustees, other library professionals, government officials, citizens and community groups regarding library services and operations.

Leadership and Governance

●       Leads the library with integrity, confidence, creativity, and excellent judgement.

●       Remains familiar with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations that affect public libraries.  

●       Maintains accreditation standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

●       Leads the operation of the public library to provide prompt, proactive, courteous customer service to patrons.  Monitors all operations and delegates as needed.  Tactfully handles suggestions and complaints in accordance with policy.  

●       Keeps Trustees informed and recommends policies for the Trustees’ consideration.  Provides documentation when appropriate.  

●       Updates policies with trustees and monitors compliance; maintains policy handbook; interprets policies to staff and public.

●       Prepares all needed library reports for local government, the MBLC, and other professional organizations.  

●       Respects and maintains confidentiality, in accordance with state law, when given access to confidential information of the department, including, but not limited to, collective bargaining negotiations, union grievances, official personnel files, and patron records.

Culture and Values

●       Cultivates and nurtures a welcoming culture where all members of the community have convenient and equal access to resources and programs; invites and values input from across the community.

●       Champions the exploration of programs and services that reach well beyond the library’s walls; reaching all populations, especially those that are underserved and underrepresented.

●       Seeks to cultivate and curate collections and resources, and develop programming that reflect the needs, interests, and diversity of the community.  

Community Outreach

●       Serves as an ambassador of the library with confidence, compassion, and enthusiasm.

●       Maximizes relationships with Town Departments and Organizations. 

●       Collaborates with local schools and community groups to better serve residents.

●       Markets and promotes the library through various media including newspapers, online sources, social media, and public speaking.

●       Supports efforts of the Friends of the Library, Dedham Library Innovation Team, and other community organizations in their support of library services and operations.

●       Identifies and invites collaboration, and participates in a range of community events, initiatives and opportunities to promote and advance the library’s profile and services; advocates for the library across a variety of platforms.

Staff Management

●       Organizes, trains, assigns, and evaluates personnel using processes that recognize effort and accomplishment, and motivates exemplary performance.

●       Develops and trains staff for progressively more responsible experience.  Plans continuing education for staff and Trustees.  

●       Maintains professional, respectful, and collaborative relationships with employees.  Encourages continuous feedback and open communication.

●       Monitors trends in salaries and working conditions and suggests changes when appropriate.

●       Ensures the library’s compliance with the collective bargaining agreements of all unionized employees.

Fiscal Planning and Management

●       Reviews usage data and input from library patrons to evaluate the library’s collections, programs, and technological applications to create and allocate the budget accordingly.

●       Prepares all needed library reports for local government, the MBLC, and other professional organizations.  Helps prepare and present the library’s annual operating budget to the Town Manager, Finance and Warrant Committee, and Town Meeting.

●       Actively seeks grants and prepares grant applications.  

●       Legally accepts gifts and other new sources of non-tax funding in support of library services and programs.

●       Acknowledges gifts of money and library materials.

Resources and Facilities Management

●       Reviews usage data and input from library patrons to evaluate the library’s collections, programs, and technological applications.

●       Works with staff to evaluate and implement informed collection development strategies.

●       Creates avenues to maximize community access, awareness, and productive use.

●       Oversees, with town facilities personnel, the repair, maintenance, and operation of the library’s physical plant, including surrounding grounds.

●       Works closely with the Board of Trustees’ and Town Manager on planned renovation and facility improvement initiatives.  

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the position’s essential functions.


●       Work effort principally involves circulating with staff and patrons, stooping, walking, and standing with intermittent periods of sitting.

●       There may be some occasional lifting of objects such as library books, equipment, photocopy, and computer paper.

Motor Skills:

●       Duties involve assignments requiring application of hand and eye coordination with finger dexterity and motor coordination.

○       Examples will  include operating a personal computer and library equipment

Visual Skills:

●       The Director is required to routinely read documents/ reports for analysis and understanding.

Other Requirements:

●       Must be able to attend evening and weekend programs and meetings of various boards and groups.


Education and Experience

●       Must have a Master’s Degree in Library Science from an accredited ALA certified institution;

●       Must have a Certificate of Librarianship from the State Library Board of Commissioners or the ability to obtain one immediately;

●       Three years of progressively responsible experience in a public library, including at least one year in a supervisory capacity, preferably in a union environment;

●       Experience developing and managing a budget;

●       Or an equivalent combination of education and experience upon approval of the Board of Trustees.

Knowledge, Ability and Skill

Demonstrated Knowledge:

●       of the principles and practices of professional library services and the organization and management of library operations;

●       of current electronic media and technology for use in developing, promoting, presenting, and evaluating library programs and services;

●       of administrative and supervisory practices and techniques including budgetary and personnel management, union and non-union, as well as facilities management;

●       broad array of theories about learning and familiarity with a variety of literature.


●       to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patrons, library staff, Trustees, and Town departments;

●       to manage library operations, implement policies and programs;

●       effectively communicate in writing and orally to individuals and large groups;

●       to envision, lead, and advocate for the library;

●       maintain composure in complex work situations.

Demonstrated Skills:

●       leadership, motivation, relationship building, staff development, patron service, and community-centered program/service development;

●       strong interpersonal connections, articulate, tactful, and professional communication;

●       effective use of new technologies and social media in support of library services;

●       organization and planning skills;

●      interest in pursuing and administering grants.

Full/Part Time

Full Time




According to an individual contract

Closing Date

Open until filled

How to Apply

For more information and to apply, please visit the Town of Dedham's website at:

The Town of Dedham is an Equal Opportunity employer.


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